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25 Ways to Create a Boredom-Free Summer

Mary Jo Rulnick


Do you need a little inspiration to keep those two little words, "I'm Bored," out of your summer? Tired of the same old activities? Try these ideas to keep your summer full of fun.

1. FAMILY IDEA JAR. Everyone picks several fun ideas they would like to do over the summer. Whenever you have a free day, pick one idea from the jar.

2. CREATE A "MAKE-IT BOX". Decorate a shoe box or plastic container. Fill with string, crayons, markers, chalk, paint, scissors, stickers, paper, etc. Use it to create crafts on a rainy day.

3. KID'S BACKYARD BBQ. Have kids plan a menu, invite guests, organize set up and clean up.

4. VISIT AN AREA CRAFT SHOW that performs craft demonstrations.

5. TAKE A NATURE SCAVENGER. List 10 specific items to find on your walk ... a small pinecone, a yellow leaf, and a red berry.

6. FAMILY GAME-A-THON. Everyone picks his or her favorite board game to play.

7. PLAN A "NO TV" DAY. Play cards, charades, read, take a walk.

8. VISIT YOUR LIBRARY. Most libraries have a summer reading program that encourages reading with incentives.

9. PLAN BALLOON HOCKEY using water filled balloons instead of a ball or puck. See how many goals can be scored before the balloon breaks.

10. START A COLLECTION using your imagination. Collect rocks, shells, coins, stamps, key chains, thimbles, postcards, fossils, autographs or buttons.

11. PLAY OLD-FASHIONED GAMES. Kick the can, monkey in the middle, flashlight tag, freeze tag, green light, dodge ball.

12. PLAN A SWIM DAY, organize family and friends to enjoy a day at a local pool.

13. BACKYARD MINIATURE GOLF. Use boards, bricks, plastic pipe, empty cans, or buckets to set up a course. Make flags from paper and wooden dowels rods. Us plastic baseball bats and balls.

14. HAVE A NEIGHBORHOOD BOOK OR TOY SWAP. Each person donates 3 items. Draw names lottery style, that person picks their choice of one item. Repeat two more times.

15. SERVICE PROJECT. Perform a good deed for someone in need ... clothing drive for the homeless, pull weeds for a church or senior's center or provide meals to the home bound.

16. CREATE A CHALK TOWN. Draw roads, stop signs, gas stations, buildings and parking lots to use with small cars and trucks.

17. REQUEST TOURIST INFORMATION from a destination each member of the family would like to visit.

18. GARAGE SALE HUNT. Teach children to shop and bargain for items within a certain amount. Great place to shop for the new collection.

19. VISIT YOUR CITY'S HIGHLIGHTS. The zoo, museum, community-built parks, incline or stadium.

20. ENJOY A BACKWARD LUNCH where children plan the meal and start with dessert.

21. INVITE FRIENDS TO A COOKIE AND ICE CREAM BASH. Make a batch or two of no-bake cookies, serve with scoops of ice cream.

22. DESIGN EDIBLE NECKLACES. Thread string through large-eyed, plastic needles, then string popcorn, cereal or candy. Knot and wear.

23. MAKE A SCHOOL SUPPLY LIST. Have children read advertisements to find the best buys, then purchase.

24. SODA CAN BOWLING. Rinse 10 empty soda cans, line up in "V" formation, and use rubber balls to knock 'em down.

25. CREATE A SUMMER COLLAGE. Use photos, brochures, postcards, newspapers and magazines to capture summer memories. Cut and glue to poster board.

Mary Jo Rulnick, co-creator of, the place where frantic women find direction, balance and a sparkle of hope, the do-it-yourself expert, turned her knowledge into a writing career, through the publication of her articles and books. She is a feature writer for Pittsburgh Parent Magazine and a greeting card writer for Palm Press, Inc. Additionally, Rulnick is the writer, performer and creator of Woman in History Productions, a company featuring dramatic portrayals of historical women's lives.

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Heemakshi Jun 27, 2012 02:10:10 PM ET

Great ideas

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