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Toddlerhood!Month 23


Everyone's favorite parents are the ones who get down and messy with the kids. If you create yourselves a craft nook, complete with all the fixin's (non-toxic glue, safety scissors, buttons, ribbon, tape, construction paper, cardboard, photos, crayons, markers, and more), you'll be ready and waiting to inspire the creative imaginations of your little ones and all their friends.

When your toddler is ready to potty train, you can help to make it as smooth and pleasant an experience as possible. Shop together for new underwear, be understanding of accidents, don't force it by nagging or pressuring him, be consistent (make sure babysitters and other caregivers us the same approach), and more.

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Guest Jan 24, 2015 06:41:11 PM ET

My 23 month old grandson has started hitting his mummy when she is trying to communicate with him. He doesn't talk yet, but the usual dad, mum, grandad, and bye. She does liars of things with her swimming lessons, singing at their local library, visiting the local fun factory, vests you friends. Walks with mummy and daddy to the park and running and playing ball on the beach. She is a very hands on mummy with playtime and learning. She has even registered him into a Montessori play group starting in two weeks time for more interaction with other toddlers, but she is worried about him going there and maybe hitting other children. His parents are trying to find the best way to help distract him from feeling the need to do this, and we are wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that he isn't talking yet?

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