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Charting Basics - Cervical Fluid

Lori Ramsey


The second best fertility sign is cervical fluid. Cervical fluid is produced at the cervix, throughout the entire cycle. Examination of this fluid can fairly well tell you what point you are in your cycle.

The best way to examine the cervical fluid is by swiping toilet paper or your fingers across the opening of your vagina. Or you can insert a finger or two and "draw" it from the opening of the cervix itself. If you choose the latter, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly beforehand, and make sure to have your nails trimmed. Long nails can nick the cervix and cause it to bleed. You then take the fluid and put it between your finger and thumb and check to see what type of consistency it is.

During the first part of the cycle, the uterine lining is being shed. This can mask the cervical fluid making it tough to determine if the fluid is actually fertile or not. And yes, a woman can be fertile during her menstruation, though it is rare. I personally know a woman who conceived the 8th day of her cycle. And remember, day one is the first day of actual bleeding.

After the menstrual bleeding has stopped, the cervix usually dries up. As it gets closer to ovulation the cervical fluid becomes creamy and white - like lotion - for a few days. It can also have a sticky feeling to it at this time. Then the fluid gets more wet and more stretchy and clear. This is known as egg-white cervical fluid, and is the most fertile. This happens as a result of estrogen surging through the body, getting ready to release the egg(s). When you see the stretchy, clear fluid, it's the best time to have intercourse. There is usually an abundance of this type of fluid and once upon a time, doctors and women thought that the presence of this fluid was a sign of infection when indeed it's the best sign of fertility! On the average, a woman will have a couple of days of this egg-white cervical fluid and then ovulate. There may also be some spotting around the time of ovulation. Again, in the past this was a cause of concern, but now if there's blood in the clear stretchy fluid - that's an excellent fertility sign! The spotting is a result in the sudden drop of estrogen just before the egg is released. Some women don't produce a lot of egg-white type cervical fluid. In that case go by the wet feeling or sensation in the vagina. The peak fertile day is the last day of wet vaginal sensation or the presence of egg-white like cervical fluid.

Be aware that semen can mask true cervical fluid. Semen at a glance looks a lot like the egg-white type fluid - it's fairly clear and it stretches. However semen will "break" easier that cervical fluid, and semen will evaporate much quicker than cervical fluid. Be sure to mark on your chart when you have intercourse, to help in determining the type of cervical fluid you find.

After ovulation, the cervical fluid will dry up or become creamy. This is due to the progesterone which warms the body. As the body gets ready to start another menstrual cycle the fluid usually becomes wet again, almost mimicking the egg-white like fluid. However, if you are pregnant, the cervical fluid becomes creamy - I've even heard some women say it becomes more yellow in color, too. Pregnant women produce a lot of cervical fluid. But the presence or absence of fluid does not determine pregnancy.

While charting cervical fluid may seem "gross" at first, it's really a vital role in determining where you are in your fertility cycle. After a while, you'll get use to it, and realize that it's a part of nature and not some disease or "discharge" as once was thought.

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Guest Nov 10, 2018 02:58:58 AM ET

I honestly just want to know if any of you girls get white VD before your period ? I am TTC for the first time. I don't get any VD before my period . I want to know is this normal?

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Droppy-eyes Aug 29, 2017 12:25:22 AM ET

Had unprotected sex day of 26 of this month & today I had some sticky stretchy cloudy discharge?

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Guest Aug 29, 2017 12:22:46 AM ET

I had unprotected sex the day 26 of this month & the next morning I had sticky watery egg-white discharge.

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Yeyen Aug 14, 2017 09:20:14 AM ET

It's my 8th day cycle, we had sex this morning and later this afternoon. I had a very stretchy egg white mucus, that it didnt even break easily. And it's very clear and transparent. Could it be that I am fertile as early as 8th day cycle?

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Grany Jun 2, 2017 09:22:59 PM ET

I had sex yesterday and after sex I had a brown discharge then it disappeared. It was 16th day of my cycle.

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Cathey Feb 17, 2017 01:22:04 AM ET

This is the most excellent explanation I've seen yet! Thank you for making it clear. Very helpful!!!

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Guest Dec 29, 2016 02:03:30 AM ET

My period is due on 29th December but yesterday night I saw a dark red cervical mucus which was very sticky...what could be the reason.

Alisa Feb 16, 2018 06:36:27 AM ET

Hi! this could be a very big sign that you could be expecting!!

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girly Nov 10, 2016 09:38:12 AM ET

Well I ovulated around the 24th of October now 3days ago (7 November) I've been losing more egg white discharge, so I'm not sure what's happening. I don't no if I'm pregnant. Only symptoms are bad mood swings and tired but, that can be due to anything. On my first pregnancy I had sickness all day, everyday. Tiredness, Moody, and really sore boobs, and ALOT of discharge threw out my full pregnancy . I don't feell like this so maybe it's just in my head but, it would be lovely if I could give my son a little brother or sister. My period is due in 3days (13th November) So, I'll just keep my fingers crossed.. Any advice about this egg white discharge so soon before my period, will be really helpful. Thank you .

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Ama Sep 17, 2016 05:30:00 PM ET

I have been checking for cervical fluid since the past six weeks now but, I still can't see anything like described. Please help.

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mary Sep 1, 2016 02:20:31 PM ET

Me and hubby are ttc I'm 6dpo. Last night we had intercourse. I checked my cm 13 hours later and its like lotion. Is that normal?

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