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One Mom's Trying to Conceive Success Story

Lori Ramsey


While on the journey of trying to get pregnant with my third child, I read everything I could get my hands on regarding preconception and pregnancy. And one of the things I thoroughly enjoy reading is the success details from other women who have gotten pregnant. This is why I want to share my story with you now.

When my husband and I decided to start trying for a family, we really thought that we would get pregnant the very first try. After all, we both came from fertile families. We started trying in August 1994, and we hadn't used birth control at all since we were married in April that same year.

I didn't have a clue as to what my body was doing, or what it was capable of doing. I didn't know what a basal body temperature was, or how to chart any of my fertility signs. I simply thought that once you decided, then it was a done deal! And since my husband and I were still honeymooners, timing wasn't an issue. I had borrowed an obstetrics nursing book from a friend who was in nursing school, and read through it. However, month after month when my period showed, I was devastated. We had decided to give it six months before pursuing medical help.

That was not going to be the case. In November 1994, I had a particularly stressful month, and I put getting pregnant out of my mind. I remember having to go urinate about every fifteen minutes at work, the week before Thanksgiving. I was a finance and insurance manager for a car dealership at the time. And to top it all off, I was laid off from my job the day before Thanksgiving.

Because my husband was about to graduate from college, we were moving 75 miles away, and I spent the week after Thanksgiving packing and loading the car to get ready for the move. I did not understand why I would crave a double bacon cheeseburger one second, then want to gag from it the next. I started getting a clue about the time when my period was due. The morning my period was due, I had such a strong wave of nausea hit me, that I ran into the bathroom and knelt down at the toilet. While I was waiting to vomit I was thinking, "Now, what can I eat when I'm done here?" That was my biggest clue!

Since we were moving, I waited until we were settled in to test. When I was one week late I took a home pregnancy test, and it was positive!!

With my daughter, we were not even planning. I had gone off the mini pill in March 1997 and was going to start trying to conceive later that summer. But on April 6 I learned that I was pregnant, and miscarried two days later. It was called a chemical pregnancy. This saddened me, and all the rest of that month I kept thinking that I should be having a baby in December. Imagine my surprise on May 6, 1997 when I took a home pregnancy test and tested positive!

I took the test, not because I thought I was pregnant, but because I had no premenstrual symptoms, which was highly unusual for me. So I tested! And, believe it or not, my daughter was born five days after the due date of the miscarried baby.

As for the early symptoms of pregnancy with my daughter, I had none. The excessive urination did not start until the 2nd trimester, and I never had morning sickness. Which proves that each pregnancy is different, and sometimes the lack of symptoms can be as good a sign as the presence of symptoms!

Now, onto the journey in conceiving my third child. I armed myself with books on the subject, and read every web site I could find about pregnancy. I started trying to conceive child number three in November 1998, and believe that breastfeeding prevented pregnancy. I weaned my daughter in July last year and in August I had another chemical pregnancy. I found this out through fertility charting and testing early.

Now I'm on a journey to conceive my third child and know that it will happen in due time. It is exciting to be able to share the knowledge I have acquired in this journey, and I look forward to writing the articles each week!

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