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Choosing The Right Doctor for You

Elizabeth Keefe


If you are thinking about getting pregnant, the first thing you should do is schedule a check up with your doctor. If you do not already have a doctor, then the wonderful task of deciding on which one to see is ahead of you.

Your best option is to choose a doctor you are comfortable with, before you get pregnant. Pregnancy is a long nine months, so you want to be completely comfortable and trusting of the doctor who will care for you and ultimately deliver your baby.

When choosing a doctor keep these things in mind:

Health Insurance and Choice of Hospital

You will want to check which insurance companies the doctor accepts. Are there any limitations on which doctor you can choose? Be aware that the doctor will only practice in certain hospitals, so will want to make sure that the doctor will deliver your baby at the hospital of your choice.

Doctor - Patient Compatibility

Many doctors will schedule an "interview" before you decide to accept him/her. You will want someone with whom you are comfortable, whom you trust, and who will agree with your views in regards to health care during pregnancy and childbirth. I changed doctors once with my last pregnancy. The doctor I ended up with at 27 weeks of pregnancy was wonderful. I just wish I had started out with him before I got pregnant. Questions to ask During an Interview may be:

1. What kind of birth experience do you wish to have? Not all doctors will agree with you, so find one who will work with you on this journey to parenthood. Sit down with your partner, and discuss the birth experience you wish to have. Write down your expectations and limitations, and take these with you to your doctor, to make sure that s/he will work with you.

2. Find out their philosophy with different scenarios, such as pre-term labor or an emergency cesarean. These things can happen, and you will want to be in the best possible hands if it does.

3. Find out if they have partners who will be on call for them. Do their partners have the same philosophy as you? Will they agree and adhere to your wishes?

Location of the Doctor

Finally, consider where the doctor is located. Are they in the same town as you? How far will you have to travel to see the doctor? Keep in mind you will have monthly appointments for the first 6 months, bi-weekly appointments from the 7th to 8th month, and weekly appointments during your last month of pregnancy. This, of course, will vary from doctor to doctor.

Given the importance of good health while pregnant, be sure to have a thorough check-up before you get pregnant. This is a good way to "check" out the doctor that you want to deliver your baby.

If the doctor you have chosen, turns out not to be the perfect doctor for you, it's okay. Just try to find a new doctor whom you feel comfortable with as quickly as possible.

Good Luck!

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