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"I think this web page was the best I have seen. It has more information than my doctor even gave me when it came to charting my ovulation. And I never even heard of charting cervical fluid. Thank you so much! Now I can see if this works better for us!"

"I love the baby corner's advice and articles on everything. They have every bit of information I want to know on any subject. The cute baby contest is a fun one, too! The babies are so adorable.. I just wish that the pics were larger (and I can't wait until my daughter's picture is in the contest!)"
- Allison

"I refer your site to all of my pregnant friends or new moms. It is the best one out there on the web."
- Kim

"The resources available on this website are unbelievable. I highly recommend this site. The wealth of information is spectacular!"
- unknown

"I enjoy "chatting" on the Trying to Conceive Baby Boards. The other women there have been a great source of information and most importantly a wonderful support group."
- Shaline

"I really enjoy The Baby Corner. It has everything a new mommy (or mommy again) could hope to find. I'm 37 and just had my first child in November of 1998. No one could ever hope to explain the joys of parenthood. Thank you for everything you provide to all us mommies and daddies."
- unknown

"I love this page. I have used it to find information for over 2 years now. And still keep finding new things too! Thanks and keep it up."
- Tina

"That is so exciting! You have really done a great job on this website. It is a lot of fun reading and writing to new moms going through similar things. You should be proud of what you have created!!"
- Tami

"I saw the site for the first time and found it helpful, not so much for me since my kids are no longer babies but for a good friend of mine who is pregnant. I realized I had forgotten "new mommy things". I sure hope she will find it helpful as I did."
- Amy

"I loved the article about getting an older sibling ready for the second baby. I am right in the middle of doing just that and it was comforting to know I was on the right track. In addition, there were extra tips I had not thought of, that I can tell will be very useful."
- Lorelee

"I find the Baby Corner website so full of wonderful information. Thanks for all of the great ideas and pointers on raising children."
- Joy

"I really enjoy your site. it's very helpful and very relaxing colors. And after having twins I need all the relaxing I can get. :)"
- Jessica

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Baby Corner has received mentions in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Yahoo News and the Chicago Tribune! We also wrote a forward for a book!

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