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Baby Corner Writer Submission Guidelines

| 9, March 2019


Baby Corner is currently seeking original article pieces from freelance writers! Join us in supporting expecting and new parents!


Baby Corner's provides a wide range of information for those pregnant, new parents, or trying to become pregnant. We seek out submissions that are informative and unique. We rely on the experience, research, and information of writers to publish articles that will appeal to our readers. All articles are paid prior to publication with full credit given to the writer. Please inquire about our payment policies.

Baby Corner's articles inform and ultimately lead the reader to contact their doctor. Medical/factual based articles should be written to ease the mind of the reader with appropriately sourced medical facts, offering healthy tips for prevention, and advice for contacting their doctor if necessary.

Style Guidelines

Lifestyle / Blog Articles:
Lifestyle and blog articles may be written in the first person. Use a humorous approach, if appropriate, without offending any one group (religious, race, sexual orientation, income, social status, parenting style, etc.). Article submissions containing potentially offensive material will be rejected. Please be careful with sarcasm as not everyone understands it, especially in the written form. Articles must be inclusive and supportive in nature for all audiences regardless of race, color, family dynamics, age, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), religion, national origin, or disability. 

Medical/Factual Articles:
Medical articles must be heavily sourced with statistics, interviews, quotes from experts if possible, and/or study results from reliable sources (e.g. reputable medical journals). Please note that we do not accept direct quotes from sources that are not expressly written by verified doctor, published in reputable medical journals, or other health resources. Direct quotes from doctors, nurses and other professionals are always a plus, especially if writing about medical topics. Please do not, in any way, change direct quotes. If you need to work around an error (grammar, usage, style, etc.), do so with the use of sub-text or by paraphrasing. You may want to also consider asking your source for a re-quote or clarification.

Articles should be between 500 and 900 words.

All non-personal essay type articles that contain facts must include references in MLA format. If the source is a website, please provide the link to the actual article.

Please make sure your article is unique, and not currently published in print or online.

Try to keep the tone of your article upbeat and informative.

Do not use any special formats, colors, or fonts within your article. While it may look pleasing to the eye, it creates problems for us when placing your text into HTML format.

Please spell out abbreviations. This includes all numbers under 10, with the exception of weights and measures. Other instances where abbreviations should not be used include pounds, ounces, centimeters, etc.

Please do not repeat information, unless providing a short summary of the article in the article conclusion. Articles will be edited for content, sentence structure, and length. 

Please use your real name. We like to give our writer's credit! Please include a short bio - and photo if you like - at the end of your article. Our readers will be delighted to know who you are!


Some topics you could write about:

  • Pregnancy
    • Your pregnancy or childbirth experience
    • Product and book reviews
    • Health and Nutrition
    • Birth stories
    • Medical articles
  • Fertility
    • Health and Nutrition
    • Latest research
    • Infertility
    • Product and book reviews 
  • Babies & Toddlers
    • Baby sleep
    • Baby schedules
    • Feeding
    • Safety
    • Toddler behavior
    • General parenting
    • Product and book reviews
  • Family & Relationships
    • Motherhood
    • Fatherhood
    • Couple hood
    • Single Parenthood
    • Grand parenthood


We pay by word count of the edited, published article. This typically equates to between $ 25 to $ 50 (USD). If the article topic you choose to write about is medical in nature and you are an experienced, educated, credentialed expert (doctor, nurse, psychologist, therapist, teacher...etc) on the topic you choose to write about, we will be happy to pay a bit more! Please let us know!


While we would love to publish every article, submitting your unpublished article does not guarantee it will be published. We will do our best to respond to all queries, but due to the volume of submissions we currently receive, we may be able to respond to all inquiries.

To submit an article for possible publication and payment, please email the following information to (exchange + with @):

  • Your full name
  • Your email 
  • Your PayPal email address (so we can pay you!)
  • Name of article
  • Article in Plain text format (600 to 900 words)
  • article sources in MLA format
  • Your bio for inclusion at the bottom of the article. (include expert credentials if applicable.)
  • Your blog URL (if you have one)
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