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Menstrual Cycle Day 13


What is happening internally?

Estrogen peaks, due to the fully developed and large follicle. The hypothalamus sends releasing hormones to the pituitary gland, (which sent out a sudden burst of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) 12 to 24 hours ago), signaling to now send out a burst of lutenizing hormone (LH). This will prompt the mature follicle to burst within the next 24 hours. The uterine lining is thick, and ready to house a fertilized egg.

Outward symptoms:

Cervical fluid becomes clear and stretchy - similar to the appearance and texture of egg whites. The vagina may feel wet or lubricative. The cervix rotates upward, becoming soft, and the "os" is open. This stage is known as S.H.O.W.-Soft, High, Open, Wet. Basal body temperature is low. You may be feeling ovulatory twinges or pain, in the area of your ovaries. Your libido is at an all time high for the month.

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Guest Oct 23, 2017 01:30:31 PM ET

I had sex with my partner on the 13th of this month. i have a 28 day cycle and my last period ended on the 7th of this very month. Could it be that I am pregnant? Waiting on someone please.

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Tt baby #4 Jun 25, 2013 07:08:25 PM ET

Yes is normal to have white lotion like mucus cause it helps the sperm travel through your cervix and up to your uterus and through the fallopian tube

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queenremmy Mar 14, 2013 02:05:55 PM ET

I have all the symptoms stated above except for the strechy clear egg white CM.I have never had a clear slippery CM to my best knowledge.even though I use mucinex its still doesn't come slippery and clear.always thick like a white it normal and okay or its a medical issue?pls somebody help me.

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