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Menstrual Cycle Day 18


What is happening internally?

The corpus luteum continues to release high amounts of progesterone, to maintain the uterine lining. The ovum (egg), if fertilized, changes from the ball of cells known as a morula, into a blastocyst - a cluster of cells with a fluid-filled cavity. The blastocyst floats toward the opening of the uterus.

Outward symptoms:

Basal body temperatures remain high, above the coverline. Cervix is low, firm and closed. Cervical fluid is dry. You may be experiencing a little bloating or water retention.

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Sham Mar 13, 2017 10:04:54 AM ET

We are trying for our second baby for four years now. No luck. Hoping for this month otherwise we will go for ivf in May. plz pray for us

Ashlee Oct 18, 2017 01:54:22 AM ET

Has anything changed in progress?

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Guest Sep 2, 2014 04:49:59 AM ET

My husband and I have been trying for our second child for a year now and no luck. I took clomid, and this is my 4th cycle. We're hoping we did it this month.

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Guest Oct 22, 2013 06:18:56 PM ET

I have been dignosed with pco and was put fertility injections for one cycle but this cycle I took prolfin 50mg two tablets a day. On the 10th day got ultrasound done and found out I have developed ohss. Dont know wht to do now.

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juliee Sep 17, 2012 05:31:53 AM ET

It could be that the uterus is not empying out completely and needs assistance maybe herbs can help this issue fix itself and destress.

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Lois Nov 15, 2011 03:01:28 PM ET

I have been ttc my second child for a year now with no luck. I have endometreosis and am hoping it worked out this month. My last cycle was October 29th, but I have been cramping off and on for the last 3 days. You don't have ovulation cramping for days so what could this be?

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