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School Shootings

Jeannette E. de Langis, R.N.


We have been given so many wake up calls the past few years about the trouble our school system is in. Have we listened or heard the message? Everyone is putting in security systems and doing drills to keep the schools "safe". Is this really the answer?

When we put our focus into the violence or even preventing violence it gives it more power. My meditation tape on pain management never mentions pain. It focuses on finding balance in the entire body and creating peace within. I never want any attention given to what I am trying to eliminate. I want to create an environment where the pain and disharmony cannot exist.

So where do we go wrong? How can a school system in such an advanced nation not teach life skills from a young age? What if we taught children about how their thinking has power. What if we taught them to understand they will create what they focus on?

What if we ended each day of school with the children having three list. One a list of all the positive things in them. The second list all the positive things in their life and the third something positive that happened that day. Have them add to each list each day before going home. Very soon they will be looking for positive things in their lives.

What if we started each day in a circle and have a child turn to the child to their right and say something they like about that child. Changing the circle each day so that they do not have the same child each day.

What if we spent more time teaching the children how to focus. How to understand the energy of themselves and others and how this creates their life? Is our thinking and actions going to produce the results and accomplish the goal we wish to attain? If not, what do we need to change in our approach to it?

Once we understood how our energies create our lives and attract others to us, than we have the power to change our life. We have the power to create what we want.

Testing has it's place. Not all children test well. We are failing our children. Waiting for children to get into trouble is not the time to try to patch things up for them. We need to start very young. Teach them the power they have within. Teach them life skills so that they are better equipped to deal with the high stress, high tech world we have created here.

Let's teach the children about their power within. It is there. we use it each day. So let's guide them in understanding this power and how to use it to have control over their lives. Let's give them some simple tools that work for them. Does it matter if they remember who the third president of the United States is if they are sitting in jail for life?

It is time to get back to some basics. Teach the children to focus and understand how they create the world around them. Would that not change the world we live in?

Lets walk, hand in hand, in peace together on this short journey we call life. We are one.

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author: Jeannette E. de Langis, R.N.

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