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Clumsiness during Pregnancy

Elizabeth Keefe |10, October 2006


Around the fourth month of pregnancy, you may begin to notice how clumsy you have become. You may drop things, feel scatter brained, walk into walls, or fall down. You may drop a cup the minute you try to pick it up. You might pick the cup up off the floor, but then again, it simply falls out of your hand onto the floor.

It may seem that this new life inside you has taken over your brain. Be assured, this is not the case. As your belly begins to expand and your baby grows, your center of gravity will begin to shift. Feeling clumsy during pregnancy is a very common symptom of pregnancy, and is experienced by every pregnant woman at various degrees at some point during pregnancy.

While simple clumsiness during pregnancy is not something to immediately call your doctor about, you will want to start being more careful when moving about. Here are a few tips:

  • Try not to carry things around with you that if dropped, could harm yourself.
  • Use the handrails when going up or down stairs.
  • Do not wear high heeled shoes, but instead, comfortable shoes that will assist you in balancing your newly shaped body.
  • Take your time when standing up.

If dizziness is accompanied by vertigo, (a feeling that your surroundings are moving when they are not), light-headedness, headaches, blurred vision, you should have your symptoms checked out by your doctor as soon as possible. Your dizziness could be the result of another underlying condition such as an inner ear condition, a virus, vision problems or other conditions.

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Shauna Jun 20, 2012 11:10:36 PM ET

So happy I came across this. I have been literally walking into walls and bumping my knees, elbows and ankles left and right. I feel like a kid who's just had a growth spurt. Thank you!

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Rhonda Aug 26, 2011 05:44:10 PM ET

I dont know if im pregnant, I came across this site just to see if being clumsy was a sign..Latley ive been dropping things,running into walls,bumping into EVERYTHING and I feel off balance and uncordinated. I am taking birthcontrol but I know its not 100% effective.

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