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Book Review: Quarterback Dad

Elizabeth Keefe |24, March 2008


Quarterback DadUpon finding out that his partner is pregnant; a newly expectant father will have lots of questions. The sheer thought of having a baby for some new fathers can be unnerving and frightening, especially for the first time dad. What will his role be? The answer is easy -- he will become his partner's team mate during pregnancy and beyond. A new team is forming and he must have a game plan, and one that will guide him from the day he finds out he's going to become a dad to the big "D" day and the first few years after that.

It's not every day when a new dad can go to the book store and find a book explaining to him what he's suppose to be do? From mood swings and cravings, to doctor appointments and bizarre pregnancy symptoms, most expectant fathers are amazed to find out all that goes with being pregnant. And he has a very important role to fill -- That of Quarterback Dad.

In his newest book, Quarterback Dad - A Play-by-Play Guide to Tackling Your New Baby, Bobby Mercer takes a new approach to writing a parenting book and explains the role of the new father in a more fun, more humorous way.

What is a Quarterback Dad (QB) exactly? Mr. Mercer explains that a QB is a new breed of fathers, different from those fathers of 30+ years ago. Fathers today wish to be more involved in the pregnancy, childbirth and in raising the children.

The book begins with conception and takes newly expectant fathers on a play-by-play tour of what to expect during pregnancy, labor and childbirth, and the first years after the new "team owner" (the baby) is born. Each chapter begins with a diagram of the game plan and tips to score "extra points" in the game. From midnight runs to the grocery store for ice cream to being the perfect labor coach, every new father will be well prepared for lies ahead.

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