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Correcting Toddler Behavior - Biting, Hitting, & Throwing Comments & Discussion

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Genna May 7, 2018 09:57:01 PM ET

My son is great at daycare but, almost every night we get home he hits me and throws tantrums. I don't know what to do and feel bad because he seems to only do it to me. I show him love all the time and I am consistent in saying we don't hit when he hits me. What am I doing wrong?

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Karen Apr 18, 2018 05:41:03 PM ET

So, I'm the daycare provider(the grandmother ) of a 2 1/2 year old who constantly hits , bites, throws things and laughs all the time while he's doing it! Time out does NOT work and there's a new brother on the way but, it seems his frustration is all with me. He lives to go for the face, and I have tried everything. Never had a child do this ever! He knows I have very painful hands and wrist and he targets them. What do I do?!?! Not fun at all.

Sharon May 12, 2018 06:07:23 PM ET

Also daycare provider 2 days a week for my grandson. yes he hits,bites, throws things constantly . time outs do not work with me but have been successful with others. i have watched many children as well and never experienced this with any of them or my own children. sometimes i lose it and start to cry, although i know that is not helping. it is very frustrating. glad to know others going through the same thing.

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Spesshy Nov 19, 2017 11:58:00 PM ET

I have a 19 month old baby girl that doesn't listen period, to anyone at all. She gets angry whenever she doesn't get her own way, runs and throws herself around the room, cry and scream. This behavior is just not acceptable. I'm really looking for help because everything I try just doesn't work. I don't know what else on earth to do .

Margaret Apr 7, 2018 08:19:46 PM ET

I do not know if you have received any help but, since i know how you feel as i was in a similar situation. i felt i needed to let you know what i did. i went to my boss and said i do not know what to do as a certain child (not mentioning her children) was behaving badly, i told her what the child did and asked for advice on how to handle the situation. she then said to handle it as i see fit, or put the child into a cot to protect the other children until the child has calmed down. do it every time the child is misbehaving. i did as she suggested and put her children in the cot, they screamed and i had my boss there in seconds demanding to know what is wrong, i told her i did as she suggested. she could not argue. i do not know if you want to give this a try but, it worked for me.

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Marianne Aug 31, 2017 08:52:50 PM ET

I work at a daycare with two babies, a two year old and a three year old. The two oldest are the director's kids and they have serious anger issues. They have been throwing things (big things and even one of the babies glass bottles). And some of this stuff has broke and hit me. And I've tried this stuff and it's not working at all. And I've told their mom and she just seems to baby them. And I'm afraid for the two babies in my room having two others who throw hard objects at them. What do I do because I can't have them in my class acting like that? And the mom just blamed me saying they're bored, so play with them. They aren't bored, they want to hurt people.

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Guest Aug 16, 2017 12:14:37 AM ET

What ever happened to a good spanking? I'm not talking abusive. But I learned my lesson when I grew up. And learned how to behave. The problem I see is that people want to have their cake AND eat it too. Don't want to discipline but what all the benefits to the discipline. I'm not advocating for barbarianism or abuse. But sometimes a spanking when other things are failing do work. We talk about things first. And we only resort to a spanking when one of the 3 family rules are broken. If you hit your sister... if you lie... and if you talk back to mom or dad. But we always talk about why there is punishment. And I do agree with a lot of what was discussed above as well. But as a last resort. A spanking has worked before. Not a spanking out of anger or frustration... but under calm circumstances. Just my 2 cents.

Granna Sep 16, 2017 11:10:47 PM ET

You go mom! spanking a child is what more children need to grow up respecting others. i know we are not talking about a beating but they need to know who is the boss.

Guest Oct 15, 2017 02:09:58 AM ET

My 2 year old laughs at me and spanks his own butt when spanked, for throwing things at me.

Guest Feb 2, 2018 01:08:18 PM ET

How can you teach a child that hitting is wrong by hitting them as punishment? all that teaches them is that the biggest bully wins.

Guest Mar 29, 2018 07:14:49 PM ET

No hitting a toddler who is looking for guidance. at this stage is not the answer. this article is on point. what it should have added is that changes in your child's behavior happens over time and you must be diligent and repetitive in guiding them to better behaviors. it takes time for them to change if no one has been addressing it. and you yourselves must continue to be the role model and lead by example. teach them love, kindness, and patience.

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Mumma D Aug 6, 2017 07:50:59 AM ET

My one Yr old hates being told No or off when doing something he shouldn't, or if he's about to do something, & has to wait to put socks on or something . He hits and trows himself back head butting. This is so... upsetting. I'm interested in other mums/dads experiences, strategies, to see what else I can try to calm my Babe!!

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Guest Jul 18, 2017 09:53:34 AM ET

18 july 2017 My 18 month old baby boy is hitting on me, throwing himself down. He got that anger. He bites his sister . To be honest ,I don't know what to do. I do try to calm him down, but he keeps on doing it.

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Hadenough Jul 15, 2017 10:23:04 PM ET

I have a 2 and a half year old that throws everything and hits. It is so bad that I can't leave him alone with my 4 year old. He throws cars at her. She has a black eye and a cut today. It makes me furious and I am having having no luck at all with the naughty step, talking, yelling, taking things away, trying to tell my daughter to stop getting to him. Help me!!!!!!

Brytta Sep 25, 2018 05:42:50 PM ET

Here's an idea: keep a journal of the incidents that occur, what times of day they occur, and talk to the family doctor or your son's teacher about it.

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Ashley Jan 17, 2017 01:37:05 AM ET

Hi my son will be 2 in April.. Ever since about 9months old, he started banging his head on things and head butting you thinking its funny..then the biting came .. He throws things and trys to flip big stuff over.. He flips his kid table over and tosses his kid chairs.. He throws cups and food all the time. Throws toys. If he gets mad he bites and hits and pinches.. If he doesn't get his way he does.. He will just come up to me, his dad or siblings and just pinches or tries to bite you. He has very bad anger issues.. He cries alot. Throws himself down, no matter where we are, if he gets mad or doesn't get what he wants. Boy can go from happy to mad in seconds. He's never slept through the night. I don't know what to do. He is nursed as i want to stop. He is so demanding and mean it's just stressful, but it's coming to an end.. What could be causing all this. I had two older kids, my first marriage (8 and 5) and they never acted this way. My husbands kids (his first marriage) also never did either... he said. I'm just worrried.

Kat Jun 29, 2017 07:40:05 PM ET

This sounds like my 2 yr old perfectly. he does exactly what your little one is doing. omg it is extremely frustrating. after reading this i don't feel so alone anymore. i thought something might be wrong with him but i see now that it is normal at that age. thank you for sharing.

ValRae34 Jul 1, 2017 01:05:26 AM ET

I'm curious if you ever found anything out about your son.. this sounds identical to my own child, he is also my 3rd and i've never had any of the issues with the others. advice?

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Jen Sep 6, 2016 05:41:19 PM ET

My one year old constantly bites, hits, hurts himself whenever you take a toy away or say no. He loses his mind and gets violent. The other day he bit me and when I tried to show him I was hurt, by saying "Ouch ouch.." he bit harder. It feels like he is trying to hurt me. I have seen people say to hold his wrists and tell him no, so I will keep trying that but, nothing seems to work. If he isn't hitting you then he is hitting himself. My husband and I rarely argue in front of him so, I am not sure where this is coming from.

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