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How is Pregnancy Due Date Calculated? Comments & Discussion | Page 4

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luchy Mar 26, 2015 01:48:26 PM ET

Saw my period last on Feb 13th. Made love with my hubby, and tested positive. How many weeks pregnant am I, and when will my due date be?

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monique Mar 20, 2015 03:45:31 PM ET

My last period was on February 13, 2015. I had sex with my b/f on February 10th and March 6, 2015. My next period was supposed to come on March 12, 2015, but it didn't come. Can I be pregnant or what? I have no signs of pregnancy. Somebody please tell me something!! I'm going to the doctor today.

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mama de un pollito Mar 18, 2015 11:29:43 PM ET

My last period was in the last days of Sept 2014. I sleep with two guys every two weeks. I'm 23 weeks pregnant. I would like to know who my baby's dad is.

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tasha Mar 16, 2015 05:46:14 PM ET

I had sex on June 1 2014, and took a pregnancy test two weeks later, and it was positive. I'm due February 1st, but July 18th was my first ultrasound, and I was 11 weeks. Did I get pregnant before June 1st?

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mary Mar 16, 2015 03:04:44 AM ET

I am due Aug 31st. I slept with my boyfriend every day besides Dec 10th. I was with a different guy. What is the possibility that it's not my boyfriend's? Please help.

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suzy Mar 12, 2015 07:18:10 PM ET

My last period was on the 15th to the 20th of February 2014. I slept with 4 lads. One lad on the 24th of February, the second lad on the 26th Feb, the third on the 28th, and the other on the 1st March. Am I pregnant?

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Sakshi Mar 11, 2015 05:17:08 AM ET

My last period was on the 26th of Jan 2015. How many weeks pregnant am I?

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brooke Mar 9, 2015 03:12:24 PM ET

I had sex at the end of May with an ex, and doctors say I got pregnant on June 12th. My due date is March 5th. Is he the father?

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Rachel Mar 9, 2015 12:42:08 PM ET

My last period was on 28th Feb 2015, so when should I do the pregnancy test?

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Guest Mar 9, 2015 08:22:28 AM ET

I had my last period on May 21, 2014. How many weeks am I now?

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