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Can Vaginal Lubricants Harm Sperm?

Elizabeth Keefe |30, August 2008


Without question, vaginal lubricants are a popular option for couples today just look around at your local pharmacy and you'll see numerous brands. The use of these lubricants is especially prevalent among women who are trying-to-conceive. In fact, of the estimated 11 million American couples hoping to conceive a child each year, more than 25 percent are expected to use a lubricant to combat vaginal dryness.

What these couples don't realize, however, is that most of the lubricants currently on the market have been shown to kill or significantly impede the movement of sperm — making conception far less likely.

Can lubricants harm sperm?

25 years of scientific studies have demonstrated that when ordinary vaginal lubricants mix with sperm such as during intercourse sperm quality is compromised with the potential for fertilization and conception being drastically decreased.

Most lubricants, including K-Y, Replens and Astroglide, damage sperm in a number of ways. Human sperm can actually only survive and function in narrow ranges of pH and electrolyte concentration. If these ranges become too high or too low, sperm will not function optimally and may lose their ability to get to and fertilize the egg. In some cases, lubricants even create a barrier that sperm cannot penetrate.

What options are available?

Fortunately, there are lubricants now on the market such as Pre Conceive Plus that are scientifically designed to match fertile cervical liquid and semen, creating a conception friendly environment. Initially created by Harvard Medical School doctors, the patent-pending formula behind Pre Conceive Plus contains ingredients shown to enhance sperm survival and motility, promote binding of sperm to eggs and facilitate the process of fertilization.

"Now that Pre Conceive Plus is available, we want to help educate consumers about the impact of existing lubricants while improving their chance of successful conception with a new, beneficial alternative," said Mike Kermendy a vice president at Lake Consumer Products, manufacturer of Pre Conceive Plus. "We're also excited about the possibility of helping couples who use Pre Conceive Plus to avoid more expensive, invasive and time-consuming fertility procedures."

Pre Conceive Plus is now available at leading mass and chain-drug retailers. The new lubricant, which retails for .99, is available in a 1.75 oz bottle as well as single-use applicators, packaged in boxes of four.

In addition to the lubricant, the new Pre Conceive Plus line also includes an at-home male fertility test, which quickly and accurately measures a man's sperm concentration. This easy-to-use diagnostic screening test is a cost-effective and more private alternative to testing administered in a hospital or office setting. It is now available and retails for just .99.

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monique Nov 21, 2008 08:49:43 AM ET

Its my first grignasse am three months now,i have problems in the stomach and my virginal parts harts i feel like scraching all the time .what can i do

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