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8 Signs You May Be Pregnant

Kathleen Roberts |31, January 2010


8 Signs You May Be Pregnant

If it is still a bit early for a pregnancy test or a missed period, you may still wonder if your body is giving you signs that you may be pregnant. Often, there are, indeed, signs that you are pregnant even before you get the official word. The problem is, often these signs are similar to signs that you may be getting your period. You'll need to listen carefully to what your body is trying to tell you to be sure.


One of the first things you'll notice during the early weeks of pregnancy is fatigue. This isn't just a normal fatigue after a long day at work; this is a draining, can't keep your eyes open fatigue. One that makes you say, "Why am I so tired?"

The reason you go through this is simple--your baby is using calories that your body usually uses for itself. This caloric drain may lead to another early symptom of pregnancy--craving carbohydrates. Your body will need more carbs to give you more energy.

While you may be craving carbs at times, at other times you may also notice that you feel nauseated when you're reading or riding in the car. This isn't morning sickness; it is just another sign that you may be pregnant.

Basal Body Temperature

Another sign that you may notice is your Basal Body Temperature (or BBT) will stay elevated. If you have not been tracking your BBT, you will not be able to take advantage of this little secret sign of pregnancy, but if you have been tracking it, continue to do so. Normally, your BBT will rise slightly when you ovulate. If conception occurs, it stays elevated. If there is no fertilization, your temperature will drop and you will get your period. This could easily be your first indication that you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Hormones

Changes in your hormone levels will cause some symptoms of early pregnancy as well. When you become pregnant, your body produces more progesterone and hCG. These hormones will cause symptoms such as sore breasts, fatigue and moodiness. Other breast changes can include a darkening of the nipples as your level of melanocytes increases.

Inplantation Bleeding or Spotting

As many as 25 percent of women experience spotting, also known as implantation bleeding, when they become pregnant. In some cases, women will mistake this bleeding for a period and ignore this early pregnancy symptom. They don't realize that this "period" is actually caused by the fertilized egg implanting in the wall of the uterus. Looking back, many will comment that it wasn't a normal period, which is what you should consider if you notice any light bleeding. Ask yourself, "Is this how my period normally is, or is this unusual for me?"


Another symptom caused by the implantation of the egg in the uterus is cramping. Again, this might seem like a normal occurrence before you get your period. It also indicates that the uterine wall is stretching to accommodate its new tenant. Just think about how it feels and determine if this is what your body usually goes through when you get your period or if it seems unusual this time.


Other signs you may be pregnant can include headaches triggered by an increase in blood flow. While it can be inconvenient, this is usually only temporary. If your headaches continue or get worse, discuss them with your doctor.

Frequent Urination

You will also notice that you have to visit the ladies room a bit more frequently. This is because your kidneys have to work harder at eliminating excess fluids from your body as it works on supporting another life. You may also notice that you feel constipated and bloated. This is because your digestive track is a bit slowed due to an increase in hormones. And this is not only temporary. Sorry.

Missed Period

Of course, the most obvious signs of pregnancy are a missed period and a positive pregnancy test. However, you may notice many of these other signs before you miss your period. If you suspect you may be pregnant, make an appointment with your doctor. Early prenatal care will ensure that both you and your baby have a happy, healthy pregnancy and beyond.

Kathleen Roberts is a freelance writer/editor specializing in health and parenting topics. She is the mother of five beautiful children who all live happily on their family farm in Colorado.

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Juliet Apr 2, 2019 06:39:55 AM ET

I was suppose to see my period on 27th of March but, it started on 30th. Please, what could be the problem?

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Wendy Mar 7, 2019 07:33:57 AM ET

I had my Period on February 6 and left Feb 12. I been feeling so pregnant, super nauseous, but can’t vomit. My belly is so bloated and my stomach hurts have cramps and my lower belly hurts. I took 4 pregnancy tests and they all were negative. I just don’t know what else to do. I’m so impatience to wait 😭

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Guest Jan 31, 2019 05:01:50 PM ET

I last had my period on the 4th of November but, what's bothering me is that I noticed menstrual blood on the 28 of January. What does that mean?

Reply | Report

Mayah Jan 28, 2019 07:03:42 PM ET

Hi, I saw my period last month on the 22nd and now today is the 28th of January. But, I am yet to see my period! I only had sex on the 6th of January. Does it mean I'm pregnant?

Reply | Report

Shincy Jan 21, 2019 11:04:00 AM ET

Hello, I got my period but, only for 2 days. Since then, I am feeling bloated, cramps, as well as being too tired, and lower abdominal pain. Can this be an indication of pregnancy?

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Guest Dec 29, 2018 07:04:03 AM ET

I had my period last month near the end on the 26th now I'm 4 days late I took two pregnancy test n both came back negative. The question is am I to early to tell that I'm pregnant at this point? And if so how much longer do I have to wait til I can take another pregnancy test again?

Reply | Report

Kayla Nov 13, 2018 07:45:57 PM ET

I had my period October 10, had sex October 29th. Still haven't gotten a period, also I have the IDU birth control.

Reply | Report

megan Sep 10, 2018 03:55:39 PM ET

I had a period on July 8th. It was a 5 day cycle. Haven't had another period. What could this mean? i'm worried.

Shelika66 Nov 6, 2018 05:00:27 PM ET

Same for me , expecting july 22 . has anything changed for you ?

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kelley hudzik Aug 31, 2018 05:39:35 AM ET

Back in June, I had 2 periods in one month, had unprotected sex that month and took 2 pregnancy blood tests that came back negative. I've missed 2 periods. Could I be pregnant?

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Felicia Aug 25, 2018 11:13:53 AM ET

I had my period, it lasted 3 days. Had no cramping and no bloating at all. I spotted a few days after that and it stopped. Now, I have headaches off and on. Could I be pregnant? I passed blood clots during the 1st 2 days and 3rd day it eased up and went to spotting off and on.

Leigh Dec 13, 2018 07:34:20 AM ET

I had same problem of clotting. usually my period takes 3 days but that time it was 5 days (13-17 nov) and most of those nights i couldn't sleep. i had sex 4 days after that. i've been having headaches. now it's the 13th dec. i was supposed to get my period 3 days ago. i am worried.

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