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Bree Aug 7, 2017 02:55:28 AM ET

Okay soooo.... Having a lot of symptoms. Last normal period June 1st, then again on the 25th but very short period. No period since. My breasts are swollen, tender, sore. I feel bloated constantly, Nausea in the morning and throughout the day especially if i don't eat. Trouble sleeping but always tired. Most signs point to pregnancy but I'm not 100%. I am taking a test in the morning since it would have been 7 days after my second missed period.

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Keshia Aug 5, 2017 04:13:46 AM ET

Hi ladies, my last period was June 20th...I was supposed to start July 24th, still no period but on July 27th I had some brown spotting that I assumed was my period starting because usually it starts off that, just pinkish and gradually gets heavier.. The spotting stopped, still no period... But my breasts are tingly, and I'm having terrible headaches and lower back aches. I've also gotten light headed a few times, and hot flashes, and almost passed out while in the shower the other day... I've been testing like crazy and all negative. So I guess we will just play this waiting game.

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Lina Aug 1, 2017 02:46:17 AM ET

I had my period last month on June 23, and I didn't get a period until July 31 and I'm in so much pain And have light bleeding. My breasts hurt so badly And I'm not sure if this is a period or is there something else wrong.

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Guest Jul 30, 2017 05:05:52 AM ET

I saw my flow 29th of June,and I'm yet to see it this month of July. Please help...

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renee gressett Jul 18, 2017 03:33:16 AM ET

Hi my name is Renee .. I started my monthly on June 15 and didnt have another monthly until July 15. I started by spotting light and the day after bled badly at one time. Today is day 3 and I'm about off. Can I be pregnant?

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melissa Jul 16, 2017 03:58:44 AM ET

I had some spotting last month, June 7th untill the 10th. It wasnt like my period. Done tests, they have come back negative. Now 13 July. Had more spotting, stopped 15th. I have been having pains in my belly and back . Also, my partner is saying I I'm moody. Could I be pregnant? Answer please.

Shakira Jul 27, 2017 03:17:21 AM ET

Maybe you are pregnant . me to.

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Guest Jul 11, 2017 05:39:40 PM ET

Maybe everyone should go get some blood work, I'm on the same boat .My last period was May 8-11 and didn't have a June period. And took about 3 tests, came back negative. So I went to the doctors and took a test, came back negative. So the doctor told me to wait till August to get blood work to see if I'm pregnant. I'm just waiting.

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D Jul 11, 2017 02:10:48 AM ET

Haven't had intercourse in 2 months.Always used a condom. Missed 2 periods. Having stomach cramps and spotting and my left boob hurts. Could I be pregnant? Periods are not regular.

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Brianca Jul 9, 2017 10:51:34 PM ET

The last day of my cycle was June 29. Here it is July 9th. My stomach feels like pressure. Almost feels like cramps. And wen I go to the restroom and I wipe I'm seeing light red blood and it feels weird wen I use the restroom.

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Ashley Jul 8, 2017 03:15:33 PM ET

Hi, My last period was on May 31st. It's now July8th and still no period. Been having mild cramps, haven't tested yet, just wondering what should I do?

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