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Natural Gender Selection

Katlyn Joy | 9, June 2010


Natural Gender Selection

Gender selection methods are almost as old as sex itself. However, while most medical experts insist any natural gender selection method as unsubstantiated and unlikely to be reliable many individuals insist one method or another worked. The best advice is to read up on them, and try them out but don't decorate the nursery in pink bunnies or baseballs and blue puppies ahead of time. Think of the methods as a fun maybe-it'll-work, or entertainment rather than hard science.

Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

The oldest natural gender selection option is the Chinese gender prediction chart. Before trying it out, you can refer to it to see if children already born were accurately predicted by the chart. To use the chart, you need the mother's age according to the Chinese Lunar year and the month and year of conception. The chart is laid out in a grid with pink and blue boxes. Follow your age and the conception and where they meet up on the grid will reveal if you are to have a boy or girl based on the color of the box. See the Ancient Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

Shettles Method

Another method for natural gender selection is the Shettles Method. This was developed by Dr. Landrum Shettles in the 1960s. The method is based on understanding the difference between the boy-producing Y sperm and the girl-producing X sperm. The Y sperm are faster swimmers, but they have a shorter life-span so Shettles proposed that if a couple desired to have a baby boy, they should time sex the day before or the day of ovulation and to increase odds, have sex with deep penetration to give those faster swimmers a head start. Recommended position is rear-entry. For an edge, it's recommended to aim for having your orgasm at the same time as this increases a woman's secretions and alkaline level, making a more hospitable environment for the Y sperm.

For a baby girl, couples should have sex two to three days prior to ovulation and in a shallow penetration position like missionary. Avoid having sex when your mucus is the most fertile indicated by an egg-white consistency. The less amenable conditions favor the hardier X sperm that produces girls. Also, the woman should avoid orgasm during the conception sex.

O + 12 Method

The O + 12 Method is basically flipping the script of the Shettles Method. It is a method specifically for conceiving a girl and was developed not by a doctor or researcher but a mother of six sons who desired to have a girl. A 1984 New Zealand Study set out to test the Shettles Method. That study found that most conceptions occurring 3-5 days before ovulation were actually boys not girls, as the Shettles Method advised. The mother of the six sons noticed that the only day where more girls than boys were conceived was the day after ovulation.

Further instruction on the O + 12 Method includes abstaining from all ejaculation for a minimum of a week prior to the "conception sex," and preferably longer. Have sex only once 8-20 hours after ovulation. Abstain or use a condom until you are fertile again, because the "fresher" batch will have more Y-producing boy sperm.

There are a variety of methods for trying to pinpoint the exact timing of ovulation, involving basal body temperature and mucus, as well as home testing kits. For best results, a combination of methods should be employed plus careful observation of the woman's individual patterns.

Diet and Other Options

Other recommendations for natural gender selection include eating a diet rich in potassium if you want to conceive a son. That means lots of meats, celery, bananas and apricots. For a girl, opt for a magnesium-infused diet with plenty of nuts and leafy green veggies.

Additionally, it's been suggested that the vaginal environment plays a role and therefore if you want a son, try douching with baking soda prior to sex to increase the alkaline level. Conversely, increase the acidic level to conceive a daughter by douching with vinegar prior to sex.

While there may not be a ton of science on the side of natural gender selection methods, they are safe and fun to experiment with! And of course, the true happiness happens with the birth of a healthy baby of either sex!

Katlyn Joy is a freelance writer with a Master's of Arts in Creative Writing. She is mom to seven children, and lives in Denver, Colorado.

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