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Baby Registry Checklist

|20, December 2010


Baby Registry Checklist

It's one of those special little perks of pregnancy - the baby registry. But often parents-to-be are just overwhelmed at all the choices and feel awkward about the whole process. But it's become part of the baby welcoming ritual. People want to get you things you really want and need. No one likes sitting at a baby shower and seeing the exact same perfect gift unwrapped five times. Baby registries eliminate such scenes. Plus you'll get gifts you really need, not a truckload of tiny adorable outfits that baby will never even get a chance to wear.

First, do some store research. It's simplest to register with one large convenient chain that is accessible to everyone who will want to buy a gift for your new addition. Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, Kmart and such. Look at each store, in person, to determine which one has the most products you prefer and the best prices. Registering at a local upscale boutique will likely offend or be beyond some shoppers budgets.

Once you've determined the place you'll register with, it's time to hone in on your big picture. First, you need to have a theme for your nursery or at least a color scheme. Are you using cloth, disposable or a combination of both types of diapers? Will you be breastfeeding, but supplementing with pumped milk or formula? Once you've decided on these things you can make some more detailed choices.

Go to the store and push around strollers, look closely at carseats and listen to the swings musical settings. Get some hands-on information. Then go home and read consumer reviews of the products you liked most to see what things were problematic or popular.

Next, go by category and make your list.


  1. Crib. Choose something durable and that fits with your space, not just your style.
  2. Travel crib. If you want one for frequent travel or visits to Grandma's or some people like to use on in the lower level of their home instead of a playpen.
  3. Sheets and blankets. You'll likely receive several lightweight receiving blankets from the hospital.
  4. Crib d�cor like rugs, lamps, mobiles and such. Keep these to minimum, as they are not essential items. You might want to add a glider or rocking chair, however. It might make those late night sessions more bearable.


  1. Carseat. Choose based on comfort, safety, ease of use and reliability.
  2. Stroller. Where will you be using this? If you'll be taking lots of walks in the park, consider a more rugged design. If for strictly mall walks, you don't need such features as shocks and nobby tires.
  3. Baby carrier. If you'll use one, give different models some test drives.
  4. Exersaucer or play gyms are fun items that baby won't use yet, but may use a long time.
  5. Swing or vibrating seat. These can be godsends for fussy little insomniac babies.


  1. Bottles. Even breastfeeding moms usually can find use for several of two different sizes.
  2. Highchair. Consider the features and the space they require when choosing.
  3. Baby bowls, silverware, training cups.
  4. Baby food grinder for making your own baby food from family's table food.
  5. Pacifiers. Not exactly a feeding supply, but related. Get a variety and baby will definitely let you know his preference.

Baby Care

  1. Diapers. Diapers. Diapers. You get the idea. Just make sure they aren't all newborn sized.
  2. Baby lotion, wipes, cotton swabs, shampoo and bath.
  3. Baby bath tub, washcloths and towels.
  4. First aid and grooming kits.
  5. Bibs and burp rags.
  6. Baby monitor.


You'll need not register for many clothing items, as people just love buying baby outfits. It's fun! Just ask for some essentials, such as blanket sleepers, and onesies. Don't make the mistake of thinking baby will be in those tiny sizes for long, though. Size 6 month and 12 month seem to last the longest.

Special Items

You might register for unusual items like photo albums or memory books, a little video or digital camera especially if you know a group of relatives are going together to buy a more expensive gift. Some chain stores offer special photography packages that might make a fun gift that will come back to the giver in toothless grinning portraits later.

Whatever you do, don't stress too much about the registry process. And get those stamps and thank you's all ready to go!

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