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What is Ovulation Spotting? Comments & Discussion | Page 5

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Guest Dec 28, 2014 07:10:54 AM ET

We are trying to conceive, and it was the first time with our first 3 children (and a miscarriage in between). It's taken us a few months so far. I'm hoping this month will be the one. In the middle of my ovulation cycle (according to the digital ovulation tests), I spotted (one small pink episode on toilet tissue similar to implantation bleeding that I had with my first child). I ovulated/showed peak fertility 2 days later. It has to have been the ovulation spotting, though I've never been aware of this happening to me before. I was pretty confused as I'd never heard about it until reading this article. ITo a week later and just had similar spotting. I'm wondering if this could be implantation bleeding or just an irritated cervix? I never noticed any issues like this before TTC, and now all of these weird symptoms are making me a bit crazy. :p

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Guest Dec 18, 2014 05:42:54 AM ET

Ok, I am kind of worried, and don't know what to do. My last cycle was began on Nov 27, 2014, and I've been spotting for almost three weeks now. At one point I thought I was pregnant, but the test results were negative. Can anyone help me, and explain to me whats going on?!! When I took an at home test, it was five days after my cycle, and took after one that Friday to be sure. But, there wasn't any blood in my urine at all. When I wipe, that's when I see blood.

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alisha Dec 8, 2014 05:03:41 AM ET

Okay so, earlier this year I decided to go on the contraceptive injection. I only had it 3 times and then stopped going. On the last injection, I had a period lasting for about 5-6 days. That was in September, and I've not had a period since. My partner and I have had plenty of unprotected sex since then and every pregnancy test I have took has come back negative. So, I'm not actually sure if I have been ovulating or not. It is now the 7th of December, and I began to start spotting. So does this mean I am ovulating? Also, my partner and I had unprotected sex the night before so does this mean I could be pregnant? I hope someone can help me out! If you have had an experience like this before please let me know.

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Guest Nov 19, 2014 02:31:28 PM ET

Hi. Me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby, and I've only just come off the pill after 19 months of being on it. I had my period start on the 23th of Oct, and finished on the 27th. I had a spot with pinkish discharge on the 3rd of Nov, and we had sex every day. Now, I'm feeling different and sick 3 nights in a row all around 8 o'clock. Yesterday, I had the same pinkish discharge, and my period is due tomorrow. I took a test this morning and it was negative. :0( Is there any chance I could still be pregnant, but it's too early for a test to show?

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antara Nov 14, 2014 10:21:25 AM ET

Hi. I'm 26, and weigh 165. My height is 5'3". I have irregular periods. My last period date was the 2nd of Nov 2014. I had unprotected sex on the 13th of Nov. Then, today I noticed brown spotting that started in the morning. Them red blood came at the noon time. I'm confused about what is this? It's called ovulation bleeding? I want to conceive so bad.

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Nim Nov 5, 2014 01:27:34 AM ET

Hi. My name is Nim, and I have been spotting for 9 days. It started brown, and now it's bright red. I have 15 days until my period, and I'm on day 3 of ovulation. I'm not have any cramps, but I have really bad headaches. What should I do?

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Lizz Oct 17, 2014 09:31:33 PM ET

My last period was on 9/26. My husband and I had sex on 10/6, 10/8, 10/12 through the 13th, as well as today, 10/17. A few hours after, I went to the bathroom and wiped and saw pinkish spotting! Could that be implantation bleeding?

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ttc:) Oct 17, 2014 10:52:31 AM ET

I had my period a day late this month. I was bleeding light and off and on. I had intercourse on my period, and when I went to the bathroom the blood was pink and I stopped bleeding. Also I've been off my period for two days, and today I started spotting. I took a test after I missed my period, but it was negative, and I started my period the next day. Please give me some advice. Has this happened to anyone that was actually pregnant?

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Kelly Oct 12, 2014 01:40:57 PM ET

Me and my husband are TTC. My period started on Sept 30th. We had intercourse on Oct 9th and 11th. On October 12th I am having brownish pink spotting. Is it ovulation spotting or implantation?

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Leozenie Oct 10, 2014 01:19:56 AM ET

I had my period on Sept. 28, now Oct. 9 I am having light pink spotting today. My husband, and I had sex Oct 8. I am confused. I don't think I've ovulated yet this cycle. I've never had mid-cycle bleeding before.

Ash Oct 12, 2014 02:47:01 AM ET

Wow, my lmp started on the 28th as well, and i'm having spotting too!

Gladys Oct 13, 2014 05:18:05 AM ET

Oh my, i have a same issue also. i had my lmp sept.27-oct.1, 2014. after 2 days, which is oct.3, 2014 and oct. 9, 2014, me and my husband had sex. on october 10, 2014 in the morning i had brownish spotting, cramps, and was feeling very bloated. yesterday, oct. 11, 2014, i was feeling cramps, was bloated, and had brownish spotting again. i had no spotting the whole day, but that night i went to party, and did dance for couple minutes with my husband. i was feeling cramps, so i went to restroom, and saw pinkish spotting. today, oct. 12,2014, i have some pinkish spotting again, so i decided to just do bed rest today. along with spotting, i'm feeling fatigue and have a small appetite. my menstrual period cycle is normal every 26 days. my fertile days are oct.5-10. is this implantation bleeding or what?

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