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Baby Development Games -

Katlyn Joy | 2, March 2011


Baby Development Games -

Cheerios make an ideal beginning finger food. They are easy for chubby baby fingers to grasp and are low in sugars and high in fiber. Babies enjoy snacking on the cereal as well. About the time that babies are ready to eat finger foods such as Cheerios, they are working on developing their pincer grasp right around 9 months of age.

Cheerios work well in developmental activities or games for infants and toddlers. They are firm enough to be grasped but will crumble under stronger pressure so are not easy to choke on. Plus, after the game or activity, baby can pop them and snack on them.

Palm transfer
Put a single Cheerio in baby's palm and show them how to transfer it to the other hand.

Container transfer
Provide a cup of so of Cheerios in a small container and place another empty container beside it. Show baby how to pick up the Cheerios one by one and place in the other container.

Scooping activity
Place a small bowl of Cheerios on the baby's highchair tray. Beside that have an empty bowl. Provide baby with a scoop to transfer Cheerios from one bowl to the other.

Pouring activity
Put Cheerios in a measuring cup with a spout or a small pitcher and have a bowl to pour the Cheerios into.

Stacking game
Show baby how to stack Cheerios in tiny towers then flick them over.

Tossing game
Give baby a small amount of Cheerios and set up a small container a few inches away. Show baby how to toss the Cheerios into the container.

Sorting game
Give baby a small amount of a few different cereals and a matching amount of containers. Show baby how to sort the different cereals into different containers.

Sticky sort
Put down double-sided tape, or loop tape, and put on highchair tray. Let baby stick Cheerios to the tape then try to pick them back up.

Cheerio edible art
Give your child some Graham crackers and icing. Using the icing as glue let baby pick up and stick Cheerios to the icing on the crackers, making simple designs.

Tweezer pick-up
Provide your toddler with an oversized pair of plastic tweezers. Allow the child to pick up Cheerios and place in a bowl.

Stringing Cheerios
Give your child a string and Cheerios and show how to string them into a necklace. Have some other items to string along and introduce the idea of having a pattern to copy. For instance 3 Cheerios then a colored Fruit round cereal, then 3 Cheerios and so on.

Stacking on pegs
Use cotton swabs or toothpicks for older children and have them stack Cheerios on them like on a peg board.

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