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Conceive With a Babymoon

Katlyn Joy | 9, March 2011


Conceive With a Babymoon

Trying to conceive isn't always all fun and romance, although it should be. Those who are trying to conceive in the midst of busy schedules, perhaps raising other children, and maybe with some fertility challenges soon realize baby-making isn't automatic. Furthermore, stress itself can hamper reproductive efforts.

Babymoons or vacations that couples take before baby arrives to celebrate couplehood in the face of impending parenthood now give way to conceptionmoons or baby-making vacations. These trips are about relaxation, romance and fertility. The idea is to get away from the daily pressures of life at home, get alone together as a couple connect, refresh, recharge, and start the family you are hoping for. Stress adversely influences fertility by interfering with ovulation. Stress affects both reproductive hormones and adrenal hormones, which affects the ovaries functioning as well as sperm production.

While no hard data exists to verify the success rates of baby-making vacations, a poll on a baby website indicates that the conception getaways are yielding positive pregnancy tests. The poll results were that of the 1000 people who had taken trips to conceive, 40 percent reported getting pregnant on their baby-making vacation.

Those who desire to get away from it all to get pregnant can opt for a trip that they plan themselves or take advantage of specially designed vacations available at various resorts and hotels.

Conceptionmoon packages at resorts or hotels typically include special add-ons like couples massages, special meals that are meant to boost fertility and romantic perks like a whirlpool tub or a shower for two. Many hotels offer wine, oysters or aromatherapy spa services.

However many couples choose to put together a romantic trip on their own. The first step is picking the ideal time as far as fertility purposes go. You will want to plan the trip to coincide with ovulation. To do this you need to have charted for at least a few months your cycles, especially paying attention to when you have the stretchy, egg-white type slippery cervical mucus. This is your most fertile time and timing intercourse for this day and every or every other day until the mucus begins to get more tacky and thick. For most women this will be around day 14, with the usual fertility window being between days 10 and 16.

What to Look for In a Getaway

  • Relaxing environment
  • Enjoyable couple activities
  • Removed from the daily grind
  • Comfortable or luxurious accommodations
  • Romantic settings

What to Pack

  • Fertility helps like basal body thermometer or ovulation predictor kids, fertility charts.
  • Lingerie
  • Candles, aromatherapy scents, bubble bath
  • Anything that makes you feel romantic or sensual

What to Leave Behind

  • Blackberries, laptops or any work
  • Bring your cell if you must, but keep it on silence and only take emergency calls
  • Forget the TV, video games or anything that intrudes on couple time

It's important to relax and just have a wonderful bonding experience with your partner. While the practical goal is pregnancy, don't feel pressured. That attitude is self-defeating. Instead, look at it as a relationship oasis where you two can connect and enjoy one another without distraction. Whether you conceive on this trip or not, you'll reap benefits from this time away. This recharging and renewing can only aid your overall goal of starting a family.

Have you gone on a conceptionmoon? Let others know about your trying to conceive vacation by posting below!

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