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Top 10 Maternity Trends for Spring & Summer 2011

Katlyn Joy |24, March 2011


Top 10 Maternity Trends for Spring & Summer 2011

Fashion may not seem to come so naturally to you once your waistline expands and your bellybutton pops, but hiding under frumpy or dumpy duds will only put a damper on your mood. Pregnant women can choose from a wide variety of fashionable clothing that celebrates their blossoming figure.

Bold floral patterns. This is a great look for a maxi-dress or a tunic style top. The bright colors and larger floral patterns brighten up the spring wardrobe. Look for colorful accessories to punch up your look if you feel overwhelmed with such dramatic prints. Try some bold shades in belts, earrings, necklaces or shoes.

Maxi-Dresses. These trendy dresses for spring work as well for the expectant set as they do for other women. Look for dresses in lightweight cool fabrics since your personal thermostat might be set a bit higher these days.

Military inspired jackets and dresses. Military embellishment details look especially smart when paired with crop jeans or pants.

Babydoll tops and dresses. Seems only right that maternity fashion would incorporate the babydoll. The loose flowing feminine style seems a perfect fit with the pregnant silhouette. Consider pairing a babydoll top with some fitted pants. While you may be addicted to high heels, chances are at some point in your pregnancy you'll realize a smart pair of flats will look terrific and won't compromise your already precarious sense of balance.

Classic red, white and blue Americana styles. These look crisp and bright, and stripes are especially attractive. Don't worry whether they are vertical or horizontal. Nautical styles are good looks as are preppy style plaids. Nicely tailored jeans or rolled-cuff khakis are nice accompaniments.

Vintage looks. While you might not normally be someone who sports a vintage soft floral blouse, pregnancy seems to be a time to embrace this ultra-womanly look. Consider how much special care the items may take however. Dry cleaning may not top your list of to-dos right now. If you will only wear it once and leave in the a pile of gotta get these to the cleaners til you're postpartum it's probably not such a great investment.

Belted tops. You may have a belt above or below your baby bump. Either looks fine. Just make sure you are comfortable! These look terrific and emphasize your new shape. Enjoy it with ribbons, wide or narrow belts or tops that tie in front, back or at the sides.

Lacy, flowing feminine looks. These dresses and tops are likely from the pastel part of the palette, or from ivory of white shades. They feature pleats, ruffles, bows, ribbons or embellishments like sequins or embroidery. These looks are class maternity looks for a reason. You will probably feel more womanly in your expanding figure than you will ever again. Celebrate it with ultra-feminine details and soft flowing fabrics.

Jeans. Nothing is more basic than this item. Maternity jeans can be wide legged, cropped, boot legged, flared or even skinny. They may sport an over the tummy waistband with an expanding tummy panel, or scoop under your belly. You might want to have a couple different styles as you might find different types comfortable at different times in your pregnancy.

Embellished tanks. For spring and summer a variety of tanks from simple cotton ones in a multitude of shades to dressier ones with embellishments like ribbon trim, sequins, beads or lace are smart essential pieces. You'll want to layer your outfits often as you might find yourself getting warmer than those around you on occasion.

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