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Second Trimester To-Do Checklist

|11, April 2011


As you enter the second trimester of pregnancy you might begin to feel more at ease in your pregnancy. Most likely the morning sickness is a thing of the past, and your hormones are more manageable. You aren't worried about miscarriage and you still have plenty of time to prepare for your little one's arrival.

Since you are likely feeling probably the best you will during your pregnancy this is a great time to get things in order. You may need to delegate some of these items to your partner or other family members, or possibly even friends. That's OK, you can't do everything and probably others are excited and anxious to help you out in your baby preparations.

Keep up with your regular doctor appointments and taking those prenatal vitamins.

Sign up for childbirth classes. Read up on various birthing methods and philosophies. The birth center or hospital you will deliver probably offer classes as well.

Keep up with your exercise program. If you've not started or it's been a shaky start due to extreme fatigue or morning sickness, now is still a fine time to start. You can develop your own program, taking into account certain allowances for pregnancy, use a pregnancy exercise DVD or take a class specially designed for expectant mothers such as prenatal aerobics or yoga.

Start maternity clothing shopping. If you aren't into maternity clothes quite yet, wellyou will be so. While comfort is your main concern feeling attractive is also important. Feeling frumpy will pull down your mood as well.

Start looking for, then locking in, a pediatrician for your as yet unborn baby. Many pediatricians have a limited patient list so look early. Ask the nurse at your ob-gyn office for referrals.

Read up on your company's maternity leave policies and prepare for your time off.

Work with your partner on your baby budget, taking into account adjustments to income due to your abbreviated work schedule, and new expenses from baby.

Learn about prenatal tests which are likely to be ordered this trimester. Understanding what the tests are about and what is normal will alleviate unnecessary stress.

Look into your childcare options. Many centers and providers have lengthy waiting lists so definitely start calling around before your final trimester. Ask friends, family members, and physicians for recommendations.

Be prepared for the second trimester sonogram. This is the time to find out the gender, if desired.

Whittle down that list of possible baby names. While you may be pretty sure on the gender, don't neglect choosing names from both sexes regardless. You never know!

Baby Registry - Start checking out nursery gear and designs to get some idea of what you'll register for and for a color/theme for the room.

Choose an infant car seat based on ease of use, comfort and safety. Make sure it's compatible with your car.

Get active. Do things you'll likely not feel like doing next trimester and won't be free to do after your baby's birth. Go visit friends and relatives. Take a trip. Go to concerts, take hikes, have plenty of fun couple nights. Enjoy your comfort and freedom while you can!

Now that morning sickness has likely subsided, make sure you are eating plenty of iron rich foods, plenty of complex carbs and whole grains. Limit fatty foods and sugary treats.

Take pictures of your baby bump. While you may think it's not particularly attractive, you'll treasure the photos later and even if you don't your baby definitely will.

Second trimester is an ideal time for a dental visit. Untreated gum disease is linked to prematurity.

Know when you should call your doctor. However if you ever feel uneasy for any reason always go ahead and call. Don't worry about being a pain. Better safe than sorry.

Take a parenting or new baby class to learn about basic childcare.

Related to the above, take an infant and child CPR class. It's a skill you hope you'll never need, but having it will bring peace of mind and preparation should an emergency arise.

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