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Best Dog Breeds for Baby?

Katlyn Joy |17, April 2011


Best Dog Breeds for Baby?

Choosing a family dog is a big responsibility. A dog will become part of the family and knowing how the pet will fit in with other family members is key. While many breeds can be properly trained to live with babies and young children, some are more suited to kid habitats than others from the start.

First decide on the timing for adding a dog. If you are heading into a hectic time, like the holidays for instance, you may be wiser to wait. Getting a dog settled in, especially a needy puppy, will be difficult when dealing with decorations, parties and loads of visitors. Also, if you dealing with big transitions with your little one it may be best to postpone, for example during potty training or moving out of the crib into a toddler bed.

Puppy or dog? While puppies are incredibly fun and lovable there are advantages to choosing a full grown dog as well. Consider the option of a shelter dog. A gentle, already trained dog that loves children may transition into your home more seamlessly than a wriggling, crying puppy. Just be sure to check at the shelter on the dog's personality, health history and background. Take plenty of time with the dog, visiting with the entire family at the shelter before bringing the dog home. Also make certain that the shelter is a reputable one preferably one that will provide helpful support and information even once you've brought the pooch home.

If you are at all concerned about your baby or child being allergic to dogs, spend some time with a dog, or request testing at the pediatrician if you are really wondering. Certain breeds are better for those with a tendency to allergies, such as smaller dogs, hairless dogs or those who don't shed much.

Consider your home and schedule when choosing a breed. If both parents work a heavy schedule and the dog will be home alone many hours in the day, it would be best to avoid high energy dogs that need lots of attention and exercise. Similarly, a large breed or a dog that needs plenty of room to run will not do well in a small city apartment.

Top 25 Breeds for Families with Babies and Young Children

  1. Golden retriever. Enthusiastic and eager to please, this dog makes an obedient and loving family pet.
  2. Labrador retriever. Devoted, calm and happy, Labs love children.
  3. Poodle. A very intelligent breed that is excellent around kids.
  4. Collie A sensitive and gentle pet that needs activity and enjoys children.
  5. Old English Sheepdog. A devoted and loving pet that is enthusiastic and fun.
  6. Cocker Spaniel. A playful sweet and obedient family dog.
  7. Bulldog Happy, docile and relaxed the bulldog is fond of kids.
  8. Irish setter. Good natured and energetic.
  9. Boxer. Playful and ideal playmate for active children and families.
  10. Newfoundland. A gentle giant that makes an ideal family pet but requires space.
  11. Keeshond. A watchdog that is playful and good with kids.
  12. Beagle A gentle and obedient pet that loves being a child's companion.
  13. Boston terrier. Sensitive, clever and well mannered.
  14. Scottish terrier. A loyal family breed that loves action and is determined.
  15. Shi Tzu. Spunky, sweet and playful with children.
  16. Basset hound. A good natured and easy-going breed.
  17. Mastiff A devoted loyal family dog that is well mannered.
  18. Airedale terrier. An adventurous and playful breed that needs plenty of activity.
  19. Pomeranian. Family oriented and bouncy, this breed is curious and playful.
  20. Bichon Frise. A fun-loving affectionate indoor dog that loves children.
  21. Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Loves kids and exercise and would do well with a yard.
  22. Pug. Playful, sociable and fond of children.
  23. Schnauzer. People friendly and eager to please, Schnauzers make good family pets.
  24. Australian shepherd.
  25. West Highland white terrier. Best suited to children ten and up. Needs some exercise and grooming.

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