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Homemade Baby Toys

Katlyn Joy |22, June 2011


Babies have all kinds of toys in their toy chests, and many of them have expensive bells and whistles and require a battery factory to keep them powered. However, it is often the simplest of objects that will entertain babies the best and the longest.

In fact, some of the best baby toys you can make yourself with common household objects, recycling things that you'd otherwise throw away. Just make sure you watch for choking or strangling hazards, loose pieces, small parts that baby could choke on, or any other hazards. When it comes to baby safety, never leave baby unattended with any toy.

Foot rattles
Take some socks and attach some bells so that the baby will hear little tinkling sounds whenever he kicks his feet.

Jingly ball
Roll up scraps of material in a variety of colors and textures and before sewing up together, put a bell in the middle.

Crinkly ball
Take a sock and place some crinkled up tissue paper in the toe. Sew the opening of the sock closed. Baby will enjoy squeezing the sock and hearing the crinkles and feeling the texture.

Felt block
Cut six squares of felt and sew together in a block shape, leaving one side open to stuff with fiberfill or other stuffing material.

Water Bottle
Take an empty soda bottle, either a 2 liter for a big water toy or a smaller bottle. Remove the label and fill the bottle halfway with water, then add cooking oil or baby oil. Add some food coloring, glitter, beads, sequins, small toys and other such items. Glue the lid on securely or wrap end with electrical or duct tape. Let baby roll the bottle and watch the items float and mix together.

Yogurt Container Rattles
Take an empty, clean yogurt container and fill with dried peas or beans and make sure the lid is secured with tape. Let baby shake, roll and enjoy the sounds. To make it more interesting, fill a few containers with different materials so baby can experiment with the various sounds.

Oatmeal Drum
This baby toy is a classic. All you need is an empty round oatmeal container. Cover it with construction paper and give baby a wooden spoon to drum with and let baby start her own band.

String of Caps
This toy requires a collection of plastic caps, such as soda, or juice or milk caps. Punch a hole in the lid and then string onto a cord. Make a nice row of them and let baby pull, shake and rattle the lids.

Baby's Book of Textures
Get small scraps of fabric from around the house, or from remnants at the craft store. Sew together a texture book for baby. Consider textures such as felt, silk, satin, fake fur, vinyl, and wool.

Play Mat
For this you can do similar things as the book of textures, but you'll be sewing scraps and other items to a larger piece of fabric that can be unrolled and played with on the floor. You can use Velcro to attach rattles, small toys, and you can move them around or change them out to keep baby's interest.

Photo square
You can take an empty cardboard box of any type and cover with family photos then cover with clear Contact paper. Stuff the box with rags or other items so the box won't easily collapse.

Nesting containers
Collect various sized containers, either with or without lids, and give to baby to practice stacking or nesting. Baby can also take the containers into the bath and practice pouring. For extra fun for water play, poke holes in the container bottoms.

Rattle Cans
Take two empty clean aluminum cans and remove the label. Cover with fabric or contact paper and fill with pebbles then connect the cans on the opened ends and secure together with heavy duty tape.

Hand puppets
Make baby a hand puppet from felt or an old mitten. Sew on features for a face securely and perhaps add yarn loops for hair.

Beanbag friends
Cut simple square or circle shaped beanbags from felt and add details with fabric paint or by gluing or sewing on felt features. Fill the beanbags with dried beans.

Baby mobile
Create your own baby mobile by using a plastic clothes dryer. Attach to the clothes pin area items like colorful streamers, small toys or bright pictures. Be sure to hang in baby's field of vision but out of baby's reach.

Wooden blocks
Get some small wood scraps from a local lumber yard. Sand the blocks thoroughly until completely smooth and finish with a non-toxic sealer. Let baby stack, knock down and play with these first baby blocks.

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lisa Aug 12, 2013 02:21:18 PM ET

This saves so much money..thank you :)

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Ashuntiyiana Oct 4, 2012 08:55:36 PM ET

I think these ideas were great!!!!!

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