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Pregnancy To-Do Checklist: The Third Trimester

Katlyn Joy | 2, September 2011


You can see the finish line and you are probably preoccupied with a million little details to get ready for the big day. Plus often times you'll get an extra push of energy when the nesting urge kicks in.

Take a tour of the hospital or birthing center. This will help you feel more relaxed when it's time to labor and deliver there because it won't be so unfamiliar to you.

While you're at the hospital make sure you pop by the nursery for some sweet encouragement. It's a great way to motivate yourself when the days seem to be lasting forever while you're waiting for labor to start.

Pre-register at the hospital while you're there. It will speed things up later.

Wash up the bedding and baby clothes then organize them by size.

Set up the crib and other nursery furniture. If anything needs painting you should make sure to keep windows open to allow adequate ventilation.

Continue your prenatal visits. By the end of the trimester you'll be seeing your doctor weekly.

Finalize and print up your birth plan and go over it with your medical provider.

Arrange for help for after baby's birth like relatives, friends or a doula.

Cook extra portions of dinners and start freezing meals.

Prepare a list of take out numbers and gather coupons to use in those early weeks.

Babyproof your home. Sure it's early and baby won't be crawling too soon, but it will happen before you know it, so prepare ahead of time.

Practice your breathing and relaxation exercises.

Get specific instructions about when to call and what numbers to use from your doctor.

Practice and plan the route to the hospital.

Pack your labor and hospital bags.

Fill out the sections you can in baby's memory book.

Purchase baby announcements and thank you's. Compile a list of contacts and address the envelopes that you know you'll need to send out.

Don't stop exercising, as long as your physician says it's OK. Those walks are keeping you in shape and better able to handle the marathon of labor.

Get a list of medications you need to avoid in the last trimester. There are certain drugs which are dangerous in the weeks close to birth.

Decide whether or not to get a 3D ultrasound done. Some people feel like it's an unnecessary risk while others find the photos and video a priceless keepsake.

If you'll be nursing baby, get your nursing bras, pads, and a pump. Other items you might like include a nursing pillow or stool.

If the last days are wearing your nerves, go see a movie or catch lunch with friends. Don't be the watched pot that never boils.

Have a little spa day close to D-Day. Get your hair done and a mani-pedi. You'll enjoy the pampering and it'll be awhile before you will escape for such luxuries again.

Consider getting a massage from someone skilled with pregnant clients. Your tired aching back will thank you.

Do not throw out your pre-pregnancy clothes in a fit of despair. You will lose the weight, but don't expect to slip back into them too soon though. It took nine months to gain all the weight, give yourself at least that much time to drop it safely.

Read your pregnancy books to better familiarize yourself with the stages of labor and to prepare yourself for special situations such as inducing labor or cesarean sections.

Learn all you can about newborns. What they look like, tests that are done, how to hold them and the care and feeding basics. Newborns rarely look like the picture perfect cherubs on tv.

Keep a daily kick count, as directed by your medical provider. This simple home method of monitoring baby's activity can be a lifesaver. And it will ease your worries as well.

Sign up for an infant CPR and first aid class to feel even better prepared for any possible emergency.

Decide if you will bank the baby's cord blood, or donate it.

Finalize the baby name choices. Take the name book with you to the hospital just in case you decide she just doesn't look like a Sophie.

Clean your house or enlist help to get the place cheery and bright.

Make sure your pets are ready for the baby's arrival.

Connect with your partner. Enjoy your last couple only moments.

Choose a diaper service if you'll be using one and get things set up.

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