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Pregnancy To-Do Checklist: The Second Trimester

Katlyn Joy | 2, September 2011


You're starting to feel a bit more relaxed and comfortable with your pregnancy at this point. Morning sickness has likely subsided and may even feel that pregnancy glow people keep telling you about. However, things are getting a bit more hectic, planning-wise. However, you are able to handle more activity during this part of your pregnancy.

Keep all doctor's visits and prepare for some tests in the second trimester. You'll start seeing more and more of your doctor as the pregnancy progresses. If you don't feel like you are synching up with the doc, then you still have time to find another.

Look into options like water birth, doulas and childbirth philosophies. Reading, making calls and talking to those who have experience are all valid ways to gather info.

Begin writing up your birth plan. You have to start somewhere, and it's going to be written on paper, or online, not in stone so don't worry about the inevitable change of heart.

Start your pediatrician search. This may take some time so be sure to start early. If you wait until close to birth, (or gasp!) after, you may run into real trouble. Start by asking friends as well as the nurse at your ob-gyn for recommendations. Sometimes a friend or family member may have an in with an otherwise booked up popular baby doctor.

Decide with your partner whether or not you want to find out the baby's gender at the big sonogram. This is the month when a picture really is worth a thousand words, at least.

Grab that baby name book, or find a baby name on Baby Corner, and prepare a short list of favs. You may or may not want to get the input of friends and loved ones. Many couples opt to keep everyone in the dark until the ink has set on the birth certificate.

Register for a childbirth class. You can go with the standard one offered at the hospital where you are delivering, if applicable or you may opt for another method, such as online childbirth classes, if it appeals to you more.

Find your inner decorator and choose a palette or theme for decorating the nursery. Just be prepared for the rare, but possible, gender surprise.

Whittle down your options for the baby registry. At minimum, decide where you will register for baby gifts.

Newbie? Then consider signing up for parenting or baby care classes. Many hospitals offer these.

Go maternity clothes shopping. Borrow what you can and buy what you want. Nothing is more depressing than wearing something you hate for months and feeling awful about how you look. While you may not wear it out, it's still an investment in feeling good.

Prepare for birth by taking prenatal exercise classes or getting a pregnancy workout DVD. Pregnancy low or no impact aerobics or yoga are good choices.

Learn about breastfeeding and start deciding on your plans for after baby's birth. Talk to mothers, read articles and books and possibly contact a lactation consultant with your questions.

Start baby shopping. Stock up on items you know you can't get enough of, like diapers. Don't get too many newborn sized ones however. Babies don't stay that size too long and you'll probably get some from the hospital or as gifts.

Visit your dentist. Pregnancy can be hard on your dental health. Don't ignore your gums and teeth.
16. Take time for yourself. Don't allow everything to be about the baby. You need to take care of you too. See a movie. Have lunch with friends. Read a book that isn't about contractions or immunizations.

Plan a trip and connect with your sweetie. This is the perfect time for a get-away. The miscarriage risk has passed and you're feeling good now. Also your doctor will be OK with you traveling during this trimester. Next trimester things get a bit too close to the wire for distant travel.

Keep eating healthy and staying active. Swimming and walking are great activities to keep your strength and endurance up. Check on how your weight is compared to expectations for this stage.

Research baby items like cribs and car seats and determine your wish list for bigger ticket items. Sometimes relatives go in together on big gifts like these so be prepared to share which model or type you are wanting.

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