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Twenty Time Saving Tips for New Moms

Katlyn Joy | 7, September 2011


Twenty Time Saving Tips for New Moms

After months of waiting and waiting, where time dragged its heels, baby is here now and time suddenly is evaporating. There is never enough. Learning your own rhythm in caring for your new baby, yourself and your household and/or career is a difficult process. Nothing is automatic or instinctive.

1.Cook once, eat twice.

Always make double portions when cooking to save in the freezer for another meal. Some things freeze better than others, but certainly stews, casseroles and soups are excellent choices.

2. Save up the errands for once or twice a week. Those quick trips here and there quickly add up. To save some time, sanity and not to mention gasoline, try to do your errands in bunches.

3. Prepare Baby's Meals Ahead of Time. For bottle-fed babies, prefill the bottles with the powdered formula the night before. For breastfed babies, prepare a nursing station for the day with a nice icy water bottle, nursing pads, a good magazine and the TV remote. While it may not seem like a lot of time saved, those moments and that wasted energy are precious to a new mom who is so depleted on energy and sleep.

4. Have Multiple Changing Areas Stocked. Keep diaper changing supplies on each floor so you don't have to run up and down the stairs all day. Have a little changing area fully supplied with wipes, diapers, ointment and a clean up washrag as well as a changing pad.

5. Pre-record your favorite TV shows so when you have a moment to watch you can skip through commercials and save a little time. While it may be an indulgence to watch your favorite programs now, it's OK to have a little me time.

6. Buy 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner. Yes, it's hardly a huge timesaver, but every moment helps!

7. Simplify your beauty routine. Find a quick and easy look for day-to-day. You don't have to forgo beauty because you're a busy mom

8. Get a haircut/style that takes less time to do. You don't want to look like you've waved the white mommy flag and surrendered your sexy/pretty but reality is you simply won't have the time you used to. Compromise and find a simple attractive style.

9. Make laundry easier on yourself. Quickly pretreat formula stains to prevent rewashing problems or ruining outfits. Wash a load before bed, and throw it in the dryer when you wake up.

10. Break down housework into a room a day schedule or a chore a day. For instance, do bedrooms on Monday, living room Tuesday and so on. Or do dusting Monday, vacuuming Tuesday and such. Trying to do it all once a week will be a recipe for frustration.

11. Never refuse an offer of help. If you have a friend or relative who offers to help with an errand, laundry or housework smile and say thanks!

12. Consider hiring a bit of help the first month of so. Some new moms have doulas who come into the house once or more a week and help with baby and household. If you can find it in the budget, you'll likely find it worth every penny.

13. Give yourself permission to not keep up to former standards. Did you used to run four times a week, and keep a topnotch tidy house? Lower those standards at least temporarily.

14. Combine errands and workouts. Work in a walk by running an errand using shoe leather rather than the car. Don't park at the front of the parking lot or use the elevator when you're out and about.

15. Don't answer your phone every time it rings. That's why you have voice mail. Listen to your voice mails later in the day and return calls as necessary. You needn't be a slave to communicating with everyone who dials.

16. Don't waste time online. Similarly, check your email once a day and return emails as necessary once a day. Going online often will eat up time.

17. No matter how pressed for time you are, never neglect healthy habits like a good night's sleep, eating good food and staying physically active. While you may be tempted to skimp on this it will end up costing you in the end. It will catch up with you quite quickly.

18. Send out your ironing or only buy items that are wrinkle-free. This may save you a few minutes or possibly an hour or more a week depending on your laundry needs.

19. Take naps when baby sleeps. While you may be tempted to work while baby sleeps, don't do it. Rather nap too. The energy you gain will be well worth it.

20. Enlist your partner's help. Many moms make new dads feel inept because they may not get as much practice so are initially less skilled at baby duty. Build their confidence, and reap the rewards.

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