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Age by Age Diaper Buying Guide

Katlyn Joy |14, September 2011


Age by Age Diaper Buying Guide

As most new parents quickly find out, there is probably nothing you'll buy more of once baby arrives than diapers. The choices are immense today and knowing which ones to buy when may be confusing especially for first-timers.

According to Consumer Reports, you can anticipate spending up to 00 or more on disposable diapers over your child's baby-toddlerhood and upwards of 00 for eco-friendly varieties.


Start with one package of 40 if your baby weighs 8 pounds or less. Buying a bigger package is unwise as baby won't be in this size diaper long enough to use a jumbo pack. If baby is over 8 pounds you'll have to start at size one. Many newborn styles feature a cut out around the umbilical cord to help protect the area from rubbing or wetness.


Choose the smallest diaper that fits your baby's weight to get the most value. As diapers go up in size, there are fewer diaper per package. Disposables are good at absorbing messes and are easily reattached if you need to do a visual check to determine if it's time for a change.


Look for diapers that are flexible and comfortable not to mention capable of handling larger amounts of wetness and waste. Diaper companies size their diapers by weight differently. A baby may wear a size 2 in one brand and a size 3 in another.

Diapers have different features and textures so the best way to decide which brand fits your baby's needs best is to try them out. Some companies have special offers on their websites at times, offering samples to customers for this purpose. Generally Pampers, Huggies and Luvs top the consumer ratings lists but when you break it down by specific type as well as manufacturer the picture becomes more muddied.

If baby is not yet on the move, absorbency and comfort will be key features. Once baby is mobile you'll need a diaper that is much more fitted around the leg openings to prevent yucky leaks. Babies who are starting to toddle need diapers that aren't too bulky looking under clothing as well.

Once baby is eating solids, you'll notice a lot of bowel movement messes so those leak proof openings or claims will sound quite enticing. However, every baby is a bit different in their build and their messes so you'll have to try out some before forming an expert opinion on your baby.

If baby is walking and starting to try out potty training, consider disposable training pants to make the process easier. This pants can rip off at the sides if necessary, such as for a nasty BM accident but are meant to be easily pulled up and down by the child independently.

If baby seems to be prone to diaper rash, go for more frequent changes and using a protective ointment. If it's still a struggle try a different brand of diapers. Your baby may be sensitive to something in that diaper's ingredients.

Ask other parents which brands they buy most and why. If you try a variety and don't find much difference then go with the cheaper brand or the one you have the best coupons for.

Remember for diaper changes, you need a wipe or a clean washcloth, and possibly a barrier cream to prevent or heal diaper rashes. You do not need lotions or powders. Lotions may interfere with healthy skin, and powders can be inhaled into baby's lungs.

And remember, just because a disposable diaper can hold more doesn't mean it should. You'll probably find it necessary to change baby during wakeful periods every couple hours. Always promptly change a dirty diaper however.

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