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Waiting to Find Out the Sex: How to Prepare

Katlyn Joy |30, November 2011


Waiting to Find Out the Sex: How to Prepare

While you may be in a distinct minority these days, plenty of couples opt to remain clueless on the boy/girl verdict until birth.

However, it's the way generations upon generations of parents found out so why not be surprised if that's what you want.

The biggest argument others put forward is, "How will you ever be prepared if you don't find out ahead of time?" Clearly, it's possible. Plus, no sonogram is one hundred percent, and if you poll parents, you're sure to come across a handful who were misinformed and yet survived the experience just fine.

Emotional Level: Bonding

It's not so hard. In fact, it's rather pleasant having the surprise ahead and imagining a child of either sex in your fantasies about life after delivery day. Choosing names of both genders can lead to a lot of fun daydreams about whether it's Henry or Sophie that is on the way. Plus you can always save those names, and daydreams, for your little one's siblings.


This isn't quite as hard as it may seem initially. There are a few ways to prepare for a child of either sex when it comes to the baby's room.

- Gender neutral theme such as Winnie the Pooh, Noah's Ark, teddy bears and such.

- Gender neutral color theme like green, yellow, or earthy tones. Or you may go for a bold color palate that will work for either boys or girls, such as primary shades.

- Simple color palate like black and white or gray and cream which you can dress up with either blue or pink items once the baby arrives. You can have furniture, curtains, bedding, and walls in neutral shades but add touches of gender specific shades for pillows, bows, rugs, lamps and other accessories.


You are most likely not going to stick with a totally gender-neutral wardrobe throughout your baby's infanthood. It's simply not so fun missing out on the frilly girly dresses and headbands or the adorable fireman or puppy adorned outfits.

There are a few strategies that can help you be prepared but not militantly gender nonspecific in raising your bundle of joy.

- Purchase loads of onesies and newborn sleepers and gowns in neutral shades.

- Buy two going home outfits for the hospital, one for a boy and one for a girl.

- Buy a small amount of both sex clothing in newborn sizes and keep the tags. Instruct your mother or close friend to wash up the appropriately gendered clothing as soon as the sex is known and you can return other items later.

- Wait until baby is born to have your baby shower. Your close relatives may want to purchase the necessary big items you'll need right away like crib, carseat, and such. However those items are often gender neutral anyway.

- Let people buy the items they want to buy, either neutral or boy or girl. Keep tags on the items and return unneeded items, or wash them all up in advance and put back unused items for future babies.

- Create a baby registry, and ask for only certain gender neutral items in sizes through 12 months and then you'll only need to add some boy or girl clothes to the mix a little at a time as your baby grows.

Preparing Others

This may be the most demanding task of all. In the age of instant knowing, such as email, internet and 3 D ultrasounds, the concept of being surprised at baby's gender until birth seems foreign to many. Don't let that stop you if this is what you and your partner truly desire. Just let them in on your plans for a surprise "It's a.!" moment and how you are planning to prepare for it all. Most people will whisper about plenty of your parenting choices, so you may as well get used to it now. And honestly most loved ones will get on board soon enough.

For children awaiting the mystery sibling, invite them to discuss the possibilities of either gender. Preparing for a little brother or sister is remarkably the same process. Room sharing won't be a problem if they are opposite sex until much later anyway, so don't let that concern you either.

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