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10 Best Baby Shower Gifts

Katlyn Joy | 2, December 2011


10 Best Baby Shower Gifts

No one wants a half dozen baby monitors, five high chairs and a matching set of strollers. That's the idea behind baby registries, right? However even with a baby registry there are some people who insist on being special and veering on their own path when it comes to gifts. Maybe it's a mother in law who likes to find the exact perfect gift you didn't even know you needed or it's your best friend since braces and boys being icky who wants to give you a unique baby present.

Here is a list of the top 10 gifts to share with those who desire to be different and be the best in baby shower gifting.

1. Bouncy seat or baby swing. This is one of those items that experienced moms are more apt to give as they have come to realize their lifesaving properties. New moms might write off these types of baby equipment as luxuries or non-essential, while anyone who has struggled with a cranky baby at dinner time will realize their invaluable worth. True, they can't be used too long, usually only until baby is able to sit up alone, but until then they may just be a new mom's best friend.

2. Baby books and parenting books. A new parent library is a thoughtful and often overlooked baby shower gift idea. Consider buying a mixture of parenting titles and a handful of heavy board books for baby to gnaw and drool on. Some cloth books are a nice addition as well as they can be tossed in the washer and become sanitary once more.

3. Baby sling or carrier. Again, many new parents fail to see the possibilities in these items or are reluctant to give them a try because they don't make the cut on the necessity list. However, baby-wearing enthusiasts will argue that a baby that is close to mom or dad will be a happier and healthier baby, plus parents will be able to be more mobile. If a choice exists between some snazzy hard to clean fabric and something machine washable, the choice is obvious.

4. Gift certificates. While it may seem tacky or impersonal, gift certificates especially to larger discount retailers is a wonderful and thoughtful gift for new families. They can buy diapers, onesies, wipes, or a carseat with the certificates and enjoy shopping for their new baby.

5. Baby books, cameras or scrapbook albums. Any gift that is aimed at preserving these precious first moments with baby are favorites at baby showers. If the mom-to-be doesn't have a nice digital camera or video camera, this is an ideal time to receive one. Baby memory books or ready to assemble baby scrapbooks are also nice items.

6. Baby blankets. No, not a package of generic receiving blankets. Most likely parents will got a load of these between other relatives and the hospital. A handmade baby blanket or a unique one that is embroidered with baby's birth details are one of a kind items destined to become family heirlooms.

7. Meals. Any family welcoming home a new baby is on overload status. Finding time to cook decent meals is difficult and energy hard, or impossible to come by. Save new parents from several weeks of take out by setting up meal delivery for a few weeks. You can do this by a meal service available in some cities, or by setting up a schedule of meals prepared by family and friends. Just be sure and set up a time that is amenable and find out any allergies or diet needs ahead of time so that the gift doesn't become a nuisance.

8. Breastfeeding kit. This could include a nursing pillow, nursing stool, breast pads, a breast pump, and a special cover up for nursing in public. Don't buy a shoddy weak pump however. It's best not to purchase one at all than give one that will be too inefficient to work well. A breastfeeding book makes a nice addition as well.

9. Baby bathtub and accessories. Fill a baby tub with related items such as a hooded towel, baby washcloth, baby shampoo and babywash as well as baby lotion and a comb and towel. Extra items can include a baby bath thermometer and tiny nail clippers.

10. Diapers. No, it's not glamorous or bound to cause "Oooohs," or "Awww!" from the shower guests, but if there's one gift you can never get too many of, it's diapers. You can arrange a diaper service if cloth diapers are the choice of the parents, or buy assorted sizes of disposables. You might want to find a cool way to package or present them creatively.

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