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Do It Yourself Pregnancy Announcements

Katlyn Joy |17, March 2012


Do It Yourself Pregnancy Announcements

When you decide it's time to share the good news with the world at large, you may want to do something a bit more creative than making a simple speech at your next gathering or shooting out an email with the announcement that you're expecting.

First consider the timing. While many people opt to wait until the first trimester and the risk of miscarriage have passed, this notion may not be for everyone. Some folks decide they will be impacted and therefore behaving differently before the bump is visible and should sadly a loss occur, others may be more sensitive should they know what's going on.

If there are people close to you who have suffered a loss or are struggling with fertility, you should make every effort to speak to them privately prior to the big announcement.

Consider create a one of a kind video to clue your loved ones into your big secret. You could make it funny, sentimental or to the point depending on your particular taste. You could share the video via your webpage, Facebook or on You Tube. Or you could play it at your next gathering of kin and friends.

Should you decide to go with a card to make the news official, you will want to go either with traditional paper cards to snail mail or email cards to send out online. While online cards are available on the web, you can create one of your own with some card making software. You can insert your own images and information to personalize the announcement.

To create a traditional announcement you can purchase blank stationary from an office supply, craft or gift store. Make sure you get matching envelopes at the same time and buy a few extras for the inevitable mistakes.

You can photocopy a picture of you and your partner onto characters, into silly scenes, or use software to manipulate your images perhaps blending the two into a silly baby picture. Use embellishments such as ribbon, sequins and paper cut outs in shapes like storks, rattles, diapers or bottles. Print the text by hand and copy it onto multiple cards, or if you want a very personal expression, hand print each card individually.

You can include the names of grandparents, parents and siblings. You may even consider having the announcement being in the voice of the big brother or sister, such as "I am going to be a big brother!" This announcement makes certain your child doesn't feel left out of the happy news and celebration but instead feel center stage and important.
If it is from the sibling point of view make sure you allow your child to help design the card and use the child's photo in the announcement if possible.

If you decorate your announcements with embellishments, make sure you allow plenty of time for the glue to dry before stuffing them into the envelopes. Also give ink or marker adequate time to dry to avoid ugly smears on the cards.
Consider white, ivory or gray parchment type paper for more formal announcements. More whimsical or silly designs may be well suited to bright colors or even patterns like polka dots or stripes. Just make sure whatever the background is, it doesn't detract from the print or make the text hard to read.

Consider sealing each envelope with an appropriately themed sticker as a small hint of what is contained within the announcement to tease the surprise a bit.

However you decide to share your good news in a pregnancy announcement, make sure to tuck several away for keepsakes and one to place in your baby's memory book. You'll enjoy looking back and remembering the excitement of these early moments and later your child will also love seeing how excited his loved ones were about his birth.

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