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Make Your Own Birth Announcements

Dianna Graveman |23, March 2012


If you are a crafty do-it-yourself mom or mom-to-be, you've probably considered making your own birth announcements. Not only can they be a little cheaper to make than buy, depending on materials and how elaborate the design, but you can have a lot of fun doing it. Your announcement will have a personal touch that makes it unique, just like your little one. Consider partnering with another expectant mother or with your own mom or another relative for a fun, crafty get-together that will create memories for a lifetime. Here are a few ideas to get started:

Consider a theme: Popular takes on a baby announcement can resemble a movie poster (Coming Soon!), concert ticket (Announcing a Premier Event!), or even a fake high school graduation announcement with the year the new baby will graduate. How about a magazine cover? Stork Avenue will put your baby on the "cover" of Sports Illustrated, but with a computer software program and some imagination, you can do it yourself.

If you like taking photos (and who doesn't, with a new baby in the house?), use your imagination to create fun, corresponding background and clothing choices, then create and send the photo-cards out as holiday-themed announcements. Even if your baby isn't due to arrive in the late autumn, you can still use this idea to make a birth announcement to correspond with another calendar event like Valentine's Day or Easter. Consider a red-white-and-blue Independence Day theme or a green St. Patrick's Day theme, depending on when your baby is due to arrive. President's Day can conjure up all kinds of images for an announcement!
You can find many innovative ways to announce your  baby's birth on Pinterest. While some of the pictured products are for sale, the images and descriptions can spark ideas of your own for creating one-of-a-kind birth announcements.

Many computer programs, including Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher, exist to help you create a computer-generated announcement or a digital announcement. Some easy-to-follow instructions are available at WikiHow.

If you prefer the home-crafted look, Better Homes and Gardens has an incredibly simple and absolutely adorable solution for you: Simply buy a piece of light blue or light pink card stock, cut it the size you like, and round the edges. Use your computer to print your baby's name on a piece of white card stock (or hand letter it), and accent it with a heart button or sticker. Attach your baby's photo, punch two holes, and thread a piece of blue or pink gingham ribbon through to tie a bow:

Here's another idea: with some glossy paper, a photo, and some stray buttons, bows, lace, or other trim, you can easily, quickly, and inexpensively make these one-of-a-kind announcements from Just Mommies. You'll find downloads for templates, along with instructions, here.

Not to be outdone, Parents has "10 Adorable DIY Birth Announcements," including this one: Trace your baby's all-in-one on some patterned paper. Attach your favorite baby photo with a ribbon.

For the bakers and cooks: Consider mixing up some chocolate lollipops and decorating one each with your baby's name, birth weight and length, and birth date and time. Wrap each in cellophane, and tie the bunch together with a pink or blue ribbon! These will have to be delivered in person, of course, to keep them from melting, but what a fun way to break the big news.

Whatever type of announcement you decide to make, be sure to make a few extras: One for yourself to place in your baby's book as a memento, and possibly one for your child's keepsake album or for a grandparent's memory book. In the case of an edible announcement, some good photos will work as your keepsake memento.

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