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10 Ways to Bring Out Your Pregnancy Glow

Katlyn Joy |16, April 2012


10 Ways to Bring Out Your Pregnancy Glow

Pregnancy is a unique time in a woman's life. While there will be days when you feel absolutely supremely feminine and lovely, there will also be days when you feel huge awkward and unattractive. There are ways to minimize the dumpy days and maximize the pregnant pretties, however.

1. Only wear clothes that you like. Sounds simple but it will make a huge difference in how you feel and carry yourself. While it's great to have friends and family who can share their old maternity clothes with you, if it looks like a 50's outfit, or a tent with an oversized bow, it's not much of a favor. Only wear things you actually are comfortable and feel put together in. Find some maternity jeans that fit well and don't bind or bulge anywhere. Then add cute top and adorable accessories. You don't need a huge wardrobe, just some basic pieces that work well together and look cute.

2. Keep a simple make up routine. Having an elaborate make routine guarantees you'll get overwhelmed and give up on some morning sickness ridden day. If your makeup bag can be mistaken for luggage, you need to simplify. Find makeup that leaves your skin dewy not looking like you are in heavy camouflage. Also, go for more sheer shades rather than heavy ones. This is definitely a time to let your look be one of natural beauty.

3. Keep your skin clean and hydrated. Women who typically have clear skin may experience more break outs during pregnancy and those with problem skin may have an acne reprieve during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. To cope, make sure you never go to sleep with makeup and the day dirty on your skin. Keep it clean and moisturized. Also, guard against sun damage with make up or face lotion with an SPF of at least 15.

4. Make the most of your healthy pregnancy hair. Opt for a simple hairstyle that doesn't require a lot of primping but still lets you feel attractive. You may find your hair is extra shiny and full of body now. This may affect the style you choose. Talk to your stylist about the best options for your pregnant hair. If you color your hair, steer clear of chemicals and go with natural products that won't be worrisome during this time.

5. Choose cute shoes that look great but provide stability. You are not going to be able to wear stilettos during your second or third trimester. Your feet may even plump out of your normal size for awhile, or perhaps permanently. Don't try stuffing your nines into eights just because you love them. Love your feet more. Go with stylish flats or low heels that don't throw you (more) out of balance.

6. Give yourself the occasional spa day. You deserve pampering and reminding that you are not just an incubator. Give yourself a soothing facial, do your nails and apply a special treatment to your hair. You will feel revived and that will reflect in your appearance.

7. Watch your posture. Sure Mom nags about it, but she's right. If you avoid slouching and slumping, you'll look better and more importantly you'll feel better. Pregnancy is tough on your back, so protect yourself by sitting in supported positions. Frequently take breaks and put your feet up. Avoid crossing your legs and putting undue pressure on your legs.

8. Buy yourself some pretty little things. Lingerie and pregnancy may seem at odds but having underwear that doesn't look like it belongs in your Nana's laundry basket will buoy your spirits. Having a cut away teddy or a two piece little outfit that makes way for your blossoming tummy can make you feel pretty.

9. Avoid heavy perfumes or scents as what smells lovely today you may find revolting tomorrow. Stick with very light fragrances if any at all. Put up perfumes that make you retch. After baby, you may well find them appealing once more.

10. Try not to worry about stretch marks. Much depends on heredity not lotions. After the baby, many times the marks will slowly fade. However, if stretch marks run in your family and you are already seeing a plethora of them, talk to your doctor about your best options before and after baby.

Having a baby is a beautiful thing, and the world in general regards you as beautiful as well even when you feel at your worst. Splurge now and then on things that make you feel pretty, because you do deserve to feel beautiful now.

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