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Getting Your Sexy Back after Baby

Katlyn Joy |19, April 2012


Childbirth. New mom. Sexy. How can you make those words go together? The first few weeks those words may not even seem like they should be in the same dictionary, but as you settle into your new role with your new baby you can take some steps to rediscovering the sexy that still lurks within.

Healing and Restoring

Before you can get back to feeling sexy, you will need to plain feel better. You must take the necessary time to heal. Expect several weeks to be a general guideline for healing from childbirth, but some women may need a little less or a little more time depending on how labor and delivery went.

A big part of healing is getting sufficient rest. Don't laugh. Of course, it won't be easy to get that rest but as a new mom you need to find ways to grab some shut eye. You have most likely heard the advice, "Sleep when baby sleeps." That's a good start. Also, put your feet up and rest while baby eats as well.

If someone pops in and says they would like to help, ask them to just watch baby while you grab a quick nap. Sleep is the best gift you can give yourself in those first days home with the baby.

Getting Back to Yourself

While you have a new identity as a mom, you do still have your old one of a wife, partner and woman. You needn't lay one to rest to take on the other. However, juggling roles is no simple task. Carve out time for yourself . Trade baby time with your partner or a friend. That way you can go for a walk or run, take a bike ride or do some quick exercises. Exercising is a great way to burn off some frustration with the pounds, and those feel good endorphins that get released while you exercise will help bring back the woman you were, both inside and out.

Besides getting some regular physical activity, you need time to pursue some of your most favorite past-times. No, you will most likely not have the time you once did for these personal pursuits, but choosing your favorites and the ones that best work into your new schedule will enable you to keep up with your own identity.

Another way to find your way back to yourself, and your sexy self, is to maintain your friendships. You may have some friends who don't have children yet, and you don't want to lose touch with them just because you're a mom now. Reach out through phone calls, emails and the occasional lunch out. Your pre-baby friends can remind you of who you still are.

Reconnect with Your Partner

Another big part of maintaining the sexy, is maintaining a sex life. You can't do this if you go on mom-autopilot. Schedule dates, (Date Night Ideas for Parents), and find an outfit that helps you feel hot. Get dolled up and go out. Even if it's just a dinner before your next nursing session, those moments of connection as a couple will help bolster your sexuality and your sexual side.

Make couple time a priority. This means you will probably have to brush off demands for other commitments from church, work or school or other organizations. That's OK. There are seasons to life, and this season is one that requires a lot of time for family.

Remember the things you used to enjoy doing as a couple and take time at least occasionally to pursue these together. Did you used to go out for breakfasts on Saturdays? Then wrangle aunty or grandma for at least one Saturday a month so you can go to your favorite spot. Do you enjoy watching sports or going antiquing? Then do these things at least once in a while together, just the two of you.

It's great being a family, but remember there are times that are only for two. And that is not just in the bedroom. In fact by making time outside of lovemaking for each other, the lovemaking will get better!

Pump up the Sexy

Finally, embrace your new womanly figure. While some parts of it may only be temporary, enjoy your very feminine physique. Get a nice new bra that really shows off the girls. Buy a cute top or a dress that enhances and showcases your curves. Don't worry that you'll be out of that size soon. You deserve to be pretty and feel sexy now, not later.

Go ahead and get those sexy slingbacks or heels and splurge on some post-baby lingerie. Enjoy your body.
Get yourself some new perfume or lotion and update your make up. Get your nails done and find a hairstyle that flatters you but is easy to do every day.

While you may have always been a natural beauty, if you used to be a pampered princess don't skimp on the primping completely now just because you're a mom. Just simplify your schedule but don't skip it altogether. If you feel like you're put together, you're likely to feel sexier and be sexier in turn.

While in the beginning, it may seem awkward at first, you can find the sexy mama inside you!

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