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The Best Parts of Being Pregnant

Katlyn Joy | 6, May 2012


Sometimes it can be easy to fall into the trap of whining about every ache, pain and inconvenience of pregnancy. And yes, there are many of those, no doubt. But there are also some secret pleasures, some added bonuses and sheer joys in the being an expectant mother.

1. Carrying a new life you created. Of course, that has to go first and not just because it's the obvious one. Having the privilege of experiencing your child from the first instant of life is incredible if occasionally uncomfortable. It's an awesome responsibility that often begins before you even know you were going to be a mom.

2. Having a deeper and new connection with your partner. Again a fairly easy choice for a best part list. However, being pregnant can bring the two of you closer than you ever dreamt possible.

3. Blossoming into a new and ultimately feminine shape. All the waddling and hippo jokes aside, there is a loveliness and womanliness that a pregnant shape uniquely contains. For those skinny girls, the curves are an exciting new dimension to life. For curvy girls, you can celebrate those curves in a new way than ever before.

4. Bringing smiles to strangers. There is something about new life, a growing baby, and a beautiful pregnant woman that just induces smiles. You'll find people have something to talk to you about no matter how different a background you two are from.

5. Getting help from others often for no reason. Now, I'm not saying you have to take advantage of every offer of help, but it is nice when people offer their seat on the train, volunteer to pick up your bags, or insist on helping you with the laundry. Enjoy this however because when you really want and need it, say when your baby is about two months old and all the relatives have returned to their own homes, you'll wish for some extra help.

6. Gorgeous hair and a pregnancy glow. No not every woman experiences this and not for the whole pregnancy, but many women will notice their hair grows thicker and has more body while they are expecting. And the radiance of a pregnant complexion is legendary.

7. Having an excuse to finally take care of yourself right. While you may have had good intentions before the positive pregnancy test, now it's go time. You need to eat right, quit smoking and exercise for the baby. This can start you on a healthy lifestyle that sticks beyond delivery.

8. An excuse for a foul mood. When you have a bad day and you are obviously pregnant, you will be given wide berth. Pregnancy hormones are the perfect excuse to occasionally just vent or be grumpy.

9. Crying whenever you feel like it. This is closely related to number 8. Those pregnancy hormones will have you switching moods like they are on remote control. Go ahead, see a tearjerker of a movie and sob freely. You're unlikely to get teased for it because of number 8.

10. Presents. You get to buy little adorable things for the baby. People buy tiny sweet things for the baby. Once in a while people will remember to buy you something too. It's fun!

11. Sexy moods. OK, not everyone gets this way, but many woman find themselves all a-tingle due to increased blood flow in the right places. Enjoy it and the creativity you'll probably need to do it with that baby bulge.

12. Finding meaning and direction. Having a child, becoming a mother gives your life a new purpose and everything changes from this point on. You won't take things for granted that you once did. You will consider things in a new way, from how you spend money to whether that new school referendum passes. Every child in the world is somehow your child now. If one mother suffers, you suffer too in some way.

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