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Summer Date Night Ideas for Mom and Dad

Katlyn Joy |25, July 2012


Sometimes it's easy to forget before you were three or more, a family, you were a couple! That relationship needs tending and care to stay strong and one way to do that is to invest time in special moments that build bonding memories for you two.

However your time situation and financial picture looks, you can still claim special evenings for Mom and Dad to be man and woman.

Setting Up Date Nights

1. Sit down with a calendar and plan together. While it may sound romantic to spring a special night on your beloved, if you schedule it for the day the baby gets her immunizations and is on a crying jag, the evening will quickly sour. So sit together and circle some dates with a big red heart. While you may not feel spontaneous, the end result will be the same; special time with your special loved one.

2. Don't be parents during the evening out. By that, discuss all family matters, what cute things Junior did today and such prior to the date. While you are out focus on just the two of you, remember your identities as individuals and a couple. Sometimes we forget to take off the Mom or Dad hat and be who we were when we met.

3. Give yourself a chance to adjust. The first times out may be nervewracking if it's the first time you've left the baby with a sitter, or if your child is not keen on the idea. That's OK. Start small for everyone's sake. Don't go away for a weekend the first time out, go for a dinner or a movie, not both.

Ideas for Dates for Every Budget

Go for a late night picnic. Drive away from the city lights and pack a blanket, some grown up desserts (not yogurt cups or Lunchables) and maybe a bottle of wine. Lay back and look at the stars and relax and connect. It's cheap and romantic!

Head to the bowling alley and share some fun for an hour or so. Plus you get to check out your sweety's posterior without a toddler obscuring the view. Many bowling alleys have special deals midweek, so look into it if you are cutting costs.

Look online and see if there are any surviving drive ins in your area. While it's maybe a stroll down memory lane, it is also practical. Pop your own corn, store your own drinks and sit back and snuggle up. Most drive ins today utilize radio stations for sound so you won't suffer through scratchy movies either.

Go for breakfast. For some couples, a dinner out might mean falling asleep in their chocolate cheesecake dessert. Instead opt for a breakfast or brunch at a favorite spot that you've most likely not been to in some time. Breakfast is typically cheaper than dinner as well.

Take a romantic walk. Select a nice location such as near a pretty lake or along a scenic path and drive there. Pack some icy drinks and maybe bring some tunes to share. Be sure to pick a special spot to share a nice smooch too. Walking together reduces stress and will be a great way to unwind and have a nice talk about something other than formula stains and whether the water heater needs repaired.

Gas up the car and go for a nice little roadtrip. Destination is optional, just get away and turn up the music and relax. If you want you can check out that cute little cafe in the next town or visit the local tourist trap you've never seen for yourselves. Being together and away from the same four walls can be liberating on its on. If you need to save on food, pack a cooler and stop at a park for a bite to eat.

Act like kids together. Hit the batting cages, or take a couple loops on the go kart track. Maybe you prefer laser tag or paintball. Whatever the amusement, go ahead and roughhouse, or speed along, as long as you can share a smile or giggle it's OK. Get rid of the perpetual parent grimace and grin!

Camp out. Grab Grandma and twist her arm (won't be too hard probably) and ask her to stay the night with the baby while you and your honey pitch a tent in the backyard. Sounds silly but sometimes even a small change of setting is enough to recharge the batteries, plus if you are nervous about leaving the little one, you'll still be close enough should a minor emergency crop up.

Slip on those swimsuits and head to the beach. Yes, you both probably have some pounds in places you'd rather you didn't but be assured, your partner doesn't mind. You still can make your lover's heart race, and all the sun and skin and splashing are sure to create a fun memory together.

Head to the mall and go on an extravagant window shopping outing. Spend the day showing your mate what you would get them if money were no issue. Try on outfits for each other, or sample perfume or cologne. It's free and fun, with the added benefit of shared daydreaming.

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