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Lower Stress to Help Your Baby Quest

Katlyn Joy |19, September 2012


It's an easily acknowledged fact that infertility causes stress, but no study has established definitively that stress causes infertility. However, lowered stress levels certainly won't hurt your fertility, and less stress benefits you in other ways such as your personal health, and your happiness as an individual and as a couple.

Being on the baby-seeking track can overtake a couple's life, dictating daily activities from what you eat, how you exercise and when and how you even make love. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourselves while in the midst of family building is to make a purposeful plan to reduce stress and increase relaxation.

10 Tips to Combat Stress

1. Let others know what you need, and conversely what you do not need. Your loved ones want to lighten your load, but often are at a loss on how to help. Let them know you'd love invitations to dinner, a friendly face after yet another negative pregnancy test or a call when you are waiting for news from the doctor. Also, you really wish they'd not light up cigarette after cigarette when you are struggling to stop and you don't want to hear about her cousin's twins after two failed IVF cycles.

2. Find excuses to laugh at every opportunity. Smiles, giggles and chuckles are easy ways to lower that stress load. So enjoy a goofy sitcom, go out to see that new outrageous comedy, and chat it up with your silliest friends.

3. Go for a walk, ride your bike or go for a swim. Exercise will not only make your body healthier but it will also clear your mind and increase your good-feeling hormones. Outdoor activities boost your daily dose of Vitamin D as added bonus.

4. Share intimacy with your partner. Making love shouldn't feel like work. To keep that from happening, maintain intimacy in small and big ways. A kiss on the cheek while driving to the grocery store, a hug hello and a sexy wet kiss are intimacy bolsters. Enjoy your sex life for the joy of it as often as you do out of hope for a baby.

5. Get a massage. A nice full body massage will increase circulation, relax muscles, and aid stress reduction. Have a standing appointment or trade turns with your spouse.

6. Pursue your passions, or even your favorite goofy hobbies. Play a round of golf, do a crossword puzzle, knit a scarf, sketch your garden. Taking time to focus on something entirely pleasant will help you relax and feel better about life.

7. Take good care of yourself. Make sure you are getting enough Zzzz's, and that you are eating a healthy diet. Limit caffeine or eliminate it altogether. It steals good resources from your body and will inhibit relaxation.

8. Keep a journal. Sometimes we feel like all we do is whine or complain. Don't worry about filtering your feelings or overwhelming your friends by purging your thoughts and feelings by way of writing them out.

9. Have a quiet space. Build a time for relaxation into each day and have a nice spot set aside for this purpose. A quiet corner complete with lavender candles, fresh cut flowers and comfy pillows will do.

10. Practice breathing exercises, do yoga or try meditation. Some people bristle at "hippy" pursuits, but actually there are simple to do methods that all kinds of people work into their lives in order to reduce stress. Go to the library or bookstore and get a DVD or book to get up to speed and then see what works best for you.

Remember, stress can be managed best by saying no to things you don't need and saying yes to things that are best for you. Don't let yourself get anxious or agitated, but rather protect your peace and well being to create the best life to bring a baby home to.

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