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Limit Weight Gain in Pregnancy with a Food Diary

Katlyn Joy | 5, October 2012


As tempting as it may be, pregnancy is not the time to eat everything in sight. Rather you should aim for a healthy balanced diet with a gradual weight gain within limits for your pre-pregnant weight.

It can be overwhelming to keep track of if you are staying in your caloric intake range while still making certain you are getting all the necessary nutrients for your growing baby.

Once you know what the important elements of a pregnancy diet are, and you know the range of weight gain expected for you, you may keep a food diary in order to see how well you are accomplishing your goals.

How to Create a Food Diary

There are various options to create your pregnancy food diary. You may choose one of these are combine aspects of them or come up with your own design.

1. Create a daily page calendar broken into breakfast, lunch and dinner and a few snacks. At the bottom of the page tally calories, protein sources, Vitamin C foods, grains, vegetables, fruits, and dairy.

2. Do a line for each day that has blocks to check off by categories such as those listed above.

3. Create a page for each day that not only categorizes the info that the above diaries do, but also lists how you prepared the food, the times of day you ate, and where you ate. This will yield helpful information in case you need to cut back on certain eating habits and need to see when or what your weaknesses are.

How to Best Use your Food Diary

1. Don't delay recording your food choices. If you wait until bedtime to review, you are likely to forget everything and won't have a complete diet portrait.

2. Don't fudge the facts. It's not doing you any good to be in denial. Be honest and record everything you eat and drink. Don't forget to list your beverages as pregnant women are prone to dehydration.

3. Be consistent with your food diary. If you keep it up for three days then quit for a week, the results will be far less revealing or helpful.

4. Read through your food diary and become aware of overindulgences or areas you may be deficient in. Don't rely on your prenatal vitamin to fill the gaps. The best way of being healthy is to get your nutrients through foods.

5. Share your food diary with your physician to see what the overall picture looks like. Are you not eating enough diary? Are you causing your indigestion with spicy foods, or is it that you eat too close to bedtime?

6. Stick with it. Pregnancy food diaries are an excellent tool to track your healthy practices. You may even want to provide a space to record your physical activity as well.

Take advantage of thebabycorner's pregnancy weight tracker tool. With this handy tool you can input some simple information pertinent to your pregnancy, and get detailed information such as how much weight you should be gaining and when, and the nutritional needs for your stage of pregnancy. You will learn if you are gaining weight at a healthy rate for your body, and you can find out the nutrition break down of any foods in your diet to see if they are what you need to be adding to your menu.The tracker relies on your inputting your weight each week to analyze how you are doing and whether you are getting enough, or too many, calories.

Why You Should Monitor Your Weight Gain

To achieve an optimum level of health while pregnant, you need to ensure the baby gets enough nutrients from your diet. However, too many calories can lead to unchecked weight gain. The extra pounds will make losing those baby pounds after birth all the harder. Also, labor and delivery may be adversely affected if you are carrying extra weight. Giving birth is an extreme work out.

Additionally, women who become overweight while pregnant or start pregnancy overweight have an increased risk of gestational diabetes, miscarriage and stillbirth, high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia. Babies born to overweight moms have an increased risk of being too large a baby, shoulder dystocia, preterm birth, birth defects, and later obesity.

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