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7 Pregnancy Must Have Products

Katlyn Joy | 8, November 2012


It can be hard at times to know what items you need or even want while pregnant and which things are merely silly wastes of money. You probably do need to watch the family finances if you have a budget like most growing families in America today.

While any product that is strictly used only in pregnancy may seem like a poor investment, some pregnancy products make themselves a necessity by how helpful they are. Yes, pregnancy lasts only months but they are special months and there some moments in life when a little doting can make life easier and perhaps even more comfortable.

1. A body or pregnancy pillow.
A pillow may seem like nothing special, but some pregnant women become so attached to theirs during pregnancy that once baby arrives, the pillow doesn't automatically go. It can be increasingly difficult to find a comfortable and supportive position during sleep and a special pillow shaped for an expectant woman's shape or a body pillow that can wrap around or be twisted into whatever shape required can be the difference between being well rested and being a zombie.

Editor's Pick: Boppy Prenatal Total Body Pillow

2. Maternity jeans.
We know finding a pair of jeans when you aren't pregnant is enough of a challenge but perhaps nothing can be more important to your maternity wardrobe than a pair of jeans that are both comfortable and attractive. It can be downright vital to your self-esteem on some days. What constitutes a great pair of maternity jeans depends on the woman and even the pregnancy. You may like a kind that has a belly portion scooped out so there is no rubbing or chafing on your possibly itchy pregnant stomach. Or perhaps you prefer the support of a pair of jeans that are higher cut and have a knit band that hugs against you.

Editor's Pick: Under Belly Super Stretch Boot Cut Maternity Jeans (Motherhood Maternity)

3. Maternity/nursing bra.
One of the first areas to reveal your condition will be your breasts. Whether you start out with double-Fs or AA sized ones, they will transform before your eyes and require TLC and much support. Forget typical bras with uncomfortable wire and straps that bind or cut into flesh. Many different lines of bras exist with designs that appear like normal bras but can adjust to breastfeeding with hidden flaps or slits. Some women like bras that are more sports bra-like and can be worn comfortably even when sleeping.

4. Lotion or cream for belly and stretch marks.
So many women suffer from a maddeningly itchy belly and of course no one wants to end up looking like they ran into Freddy Krueger and have a swath of stretch marks adorning their expanding flesh. There are a variety of products available to fight off both of these maladies. Even if they can't guarantee itch or stretch-mark free skin, they should at least help and not hurt the cause.

Editor's Pick: Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

5. Belly band.
Some belly products are supportive garments to be worn under your growing tummy while others act more as a girdle. Many women like the way it takes the pressure off their backs, while others frankly like the less prominent silhouette it provides.

Editor's Pick: BellaBand

6. Morning sickness kit.
What this consists of will depend on the individual but lots of women swear by peppermint, others lemon drops, and still others just need simple saltines to ward off waves of queasiness. Of course, the best place to keep such items is on your bedside table so you don't even have to get up in the morning. If you wake nauseous, take a nibble or suck on a candy before rising. Get up slowly and give yourself time to get moving. Rushing about first thing will likely only make the morning sickness worse.

7. Pregnancy journal.
While most couples invest in a baby memory book, it can be a wonderful idea to start before baby is born, recording special moments and memories. You can find journals made for just this reason, or you may find one in an appropriate color scheme and set up your entries to your liking. You can insert photos and small mementos alongside accounts of your thoughts and feelings at each stage of pregnancy. You can record your weight and any notes from doctors visits as well. It will be a special time capsule to share with your child years from now.

Editor's Pick: The Pregnancy Journal: A Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

Speak Out and tell us what pregnancy products you have found that you cannot live without by commenting on Baby Corner's Facebook page.

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