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Court Ordered Vaccinations?

Alison Wood |11, December 2012


For numerous years now parents have believed that it was ultimately their decision whether to vaccinate their children or not. After all, they live in the country of the free and of the brave. People from all over the world have flocked to America to enjoy a piece of this freedom. But, now the court system is stepping in and forcing parents to vaccinate their children.

In the recent past, Americans have been given the liberty to make their own decisions for health care. Should they endure chemotherapy to fight cancer? Should they undergo dangerous surgery? Should they take this prescribed pain-killer ? Should the laboring mother be given an epidural? Should a parent circumcise his infant son?

The list goes on as to the liberties Americans have enjoyed concerning health care. However, courts all over America are now deciding that child immunizations are not decisions parents need to make.

Several court cases in the past few years have resulted in parents being forced to give their children vaccinations even though the parents adamantly opposed them.

"My sister received a visit from the department of social services a few years ago. They were suppose to be visiting to check up on home-schooling issues. Instead, they demanded to see vaccination records," a lady in Indiana states.

"A friend of mine let her kids go out to play after lunch everyday. A passer-by noticed that her kids were playing outside during school hours. Concerned about the children's education, the passer-by called the department of social services and relayed her observations. The parents received a visit the next day and were immediately asked about vaccinations. When the parents stated they did not vaccinate any of their children, they were told they had to vaccinate their children or else," a mom in South Carolina states.

Vaccines are undoubtedly a huge help to society at large. They prevent disastrous outbreaks of diseases that could kill thousands quickly. The medical science involved in administering vaccines has aided America in becoming one of the most disease-free countries on earth. However, vaccines carry some risks. Sometimes these health risks convince a parent that they do not want their child to receive some or all of the recommended immunizations. Other times families are put in precarious situations and choose the vaccine over the possible side effects that could occur from the vaccination.

"One time our son was riding his bike near a place that had lots of livestock and farm animals. He crashed into a barbed wired fence and cut himself just above his eyebrow. After much deliberation, my husband and I felt it was the best thing for our son to get a Tetanus shot. We are glad we made that decision, though it wasn't an easy one to make," adds one mom.

Whether or not a child is vaccinated should be left up to the parent. There are rare cases when a large number of people refuse all medical forms of help and succumb to infectious diseases. During these times, the government has stepped in and ordered the people to receive medical treatments, which have included vaccinations. During those specific instances, the government was trying to do as it promised in the Preamble to the Constitution to "promote the general welfare." However this is not the norm for the court cases today.

The majority of court cases today involve normal healthy children that are born to normal healthy parents. These families should have the right to choose whether or not they follow the recommended vaccination schedule. Why? Simply because it is the bodies of their children that are at risk in this matter.

The government and the court system does not own the bodies of people that reside in America. Most parents want what is best for their child and they will choose, based on medical research and their natural instincts, what are the best health choices for their kids. If courts continue to make the decisions for families in this medical matter, where will it end?

If America desires to be a country of liberties and freedoms, these should include the decision to immunize your child.

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers. Visit her blog at

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