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Treat Yourself to a New Mom Makeover

Katlyn Joy |19, December 2012


The big day is over and your baby has arrived. You are relieved, excited and proud. All the waiting, all the planning and it was beyond expectation. Then the transition occurs. You aren't just you anymore. You're Mommy.

Months of wearing near-tents, not getting your hair highlighted and losing track of your toenails has invariably caught up with you. Worse yet, your body is still unrecognizable having stretched and bloated in places and ways you never imagined possible.

While you may envy and/or hate the woman up the block who was back in her skinny jeans before her six week check up postpartum you just can't duplicate her feat. You are tired, wearing clothes that are tight still in all the wrong places and comically oversized in others. You haven't brushed your hair in earnest for days because you thought you should manage to brush all your teeth properly first.

Mommyhood is not a naturally easy, or sexy occupation. But just because you wear strained peas in your hair at lunch or find baby poo in your cuticles after a diaper change doesn't mean you must wave a flag of surrender and wear your husband's sweat pants until Junior makes it into the university.

You need to make accommodations, to your wardrobe, your beauty routine and most of all your expectations. You can not be who you were. Your body is changed, you are changed, your lifestyle has definitely and forever changed.

However that's OK. You can still look reasonably put together most days, and with a bit of help, you can even look grown up and well even hot. You just need to find your new style that fits within your new motherhood lifestyle. Not easy, but you are still a person apart from your role as Mommy. And Daddy definitely will appreciate that if you remember that part of yourself too.

1. Be realistic. Don't throw out your maternity jeans after the first month. You need goals but not goals that condemn you to failure. Give yourself at least nine months to take off what you put on.

2. Buy some new clothes even though you still feel fat. Truth is you may be a bit fluffy for awhile. You won't feel good about yourself if you are wearing clothes that you were sick of by month seven of pregnancy. Nor will stuffing your size 11 booty into size 6 jeans help your motivation to get in shape. It is demoralizing. Shop for the body you live in now and as you lose weight reward yourself with the new smaller size clothing. That's some motivation!

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3. Don't get a Mommy hairdo. Sometimes it seems a bit like Samson and that bad haircut will sap you of your super (sexy) power. Don't chop off all your hair just because you don't have time to mess with all that each day. Instead, take some time at the salon and get a consultation. Find out what your stylist suggests for a style that will look great with minimal effort. Some effort is OK. You deserve five minutes of flat irons or hair drying. Make sure you get a lift of brightened hair color if that's normal for you.

4. Simplify but don't abandon your make up routine. If your skin is looking less than flawless, you can see a dermatologist for suggestions and help. Got to the beauty counter and get a free make over. Don't like it? Got to another make up counter and continue to try them out until you like the results. Learn to do what they did. You may not buy all the products, but learn the techniques. Let the make up salespeson know you are a new mom and short on time and patience for a complicated routine.

5. Build on a good foundation. At minimum, treat yourself to a bra fitting and get two properly fitting bras. Everything will look so much better on you. If you hate the extra rolls, try out some body slimming foundation garments. Then indulge in some pretty little things to sleep or romp in at bedtime. Having sensual fabrics like satin, silk, lace and such next to your skin will feel indulgent and sexy. You deserve some of that too, Mommy or not.

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6. Get a mani-pedi. Should it be out of budget, get the supplies and diy. If you feel neat and put together your mood will be brighter.

7. Do a mini spa moment at least weekly. Give yourself a facial with a mask peel. Soak in essential oils. Rub your feet with peppermint lotion. Just don't plan to do it all one Saturday morning. It's too big, you can't build up your hopes like that. Instead do one special treat for yourself each week if possible.

8. Embrace the changes. Your hips may be wider, your bra heavier and your mood and priorities altered. You are an evolving and growing person. You don't leave all of what you were behind when you become a mother. But you are not static either. The changes, inside and out should be embraced and seen as a blessing. Wear those changes proudly. That's real beauty.

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