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Awaiting Your Christmas Baby - Ways to Celebrate

Katlyn Joy |24, December 2012


Santa has an extra special package just for your family this year. Expecting a Christmas baby is a gift that cannot be topped. But how do you celebrate the special occasion on the biggest holiday of the year?

First, consider weaving into your celebration the original Christmas story. After all there are plenty of shared elements between the story and your life. You can make it a special occasion each Christmas by reading the account from the gospels and then by following up with the story of your own little miracle. Make a special story book using your computer and digital photos of your newborn or go old school and get out the scissors, glue and paper and create your own book.

A spin on the above suggestion would be to incorporate the Nativity into your annual special day among the holidays. Buy baby a special Nativity ornament or set and start a collection. You can find chunky plastic ones perfect for toddler hands, and get more delicate and expensive if desired as child grows.

Create a special movie of baby complete with a Christmas carol soundtrack. You can choose especially perfect tunes such as "Silent Night", "Little Drummer Boy", or "Away in the Manger."

Put together a baby memory book that is Christmas-themed. You can incorporate images of angels, snow men, snowflakes and such. You could use gift wrap boxes to frame photos or paste photos on top of sheet music to Christmas tunes.

Start a tradition of taking a Christmas portrait of baby with the Christmas tree and stockings as background. Keep a stack of the holiday pictures together to group into a special holiday/birthday memory book. Have an accompanying journal entry for each year, to detail what gifts your child received, what the biggest fun of that year was and detail how big your little one is getting.

Make or buy a special Christmas ornament for your child each holiday. You can make a simple one with the child's photo in it. You could get a glass ornament ball and put a small picture inside along with some glitter and tinsel. Or you could glue a picture to a juice can lid and adorn with beads and sequins.

10 Ways to Pass the Moments when Waiting for the Christmas Baby

1. Go to the movies and catch a holiday themed flick if possible. It will help pass the time and you might even score some free popcorn from a person with the Christmas spirit.

2. Bake some holiday treats and deliver them to friends and family. Keep them simple, such as fudge, Christmas cookies or candy canes dipped in melted chocolate. Decorate a cookie with baby's name and take a picture of it to save for the memory book.

3. Decorate the tree and incorporate baby items into the theme. You may find the perfect baby themed ornaments at a gift shop or online. You may even begin a new collection.

4. Address baby announcements. You'll likely have addresses handy from Christmas cards sent or received.

5. Find a perfect Christmas newborn outfit and get it laundered and ready to go for baby's first Christmas portrait.

6. Put together a holiday scene jigsaw puzzle. You can enjoy this all the more with a cup of hot cocoa and listening to your favorite Christmas CD.

7. Put on a Santa outfit while you have the figure for it. Take plenty of pics of this moment for your baby to enjoy years from now.

8. Knit a scarf or blanket. You don't know how? Well what a great way to pass time.

9. Reconsider going with an obvious Christmas baby name like umm Christmas, Noel, Holly or the like. Just think it over.

10. Find the perfect pair of antlers, or an elf hat, or tiny Santa's hat to put on baby for the hospital photo.

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