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Exercise and Spotting

Katlyn Joy | 9, January 2013


When you are thinking of getting pregnant in the near, or immediate, future the regularity and normalcy of your periods are important predictors of your success in fertility pursuits.

Women who are overweight, underweight or exercise vigorously may find their periods scant or absent altogether, a condition known as amenorrhea. Should a woman have amenorrhea her ability to get pregnant will be greatly reduced.

If too demanding physical activity is considered suspect in missing periods, trying to lay up a bit and relax a bit with the workout routine should allow the body to get back to normal. If you make too many demands on your body, it will shut down superfluous functions, such as having periods, and focus on the vital body needs. Once you give your body a chance to rebuild its stores of nutrients function should return and your odds of getting pregnant will be boosted.

Occasionally, you may have some spotting during times of intense exercise or if you are close to your period time it may occur with less vigorous exercise. Unless the amount of spotting seems problematic or your periods are never regular, you shouldn't be alarmed and may want to discuss it at your next doctor's appointment.

During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women may fear doing the kinds of workouts they did before getting pregnant. And in some cases caution is required especially if you are involved in sports where taking a tumble or a blow are possibilities such as mountain biking, boxing or horseback riding.

Exercise in Pregnancy: What is Safe?

However, exercise is a great thing to do while growing a baby. It will help you gain a healthy amount of weight if you eat a nutritious diet, get your body in labor-ready shape and of course help prevent gestational diabetes and high blood pressure among other healthy things.

If you are used to running a few miles a day, however you may find you need to tweak the intensity level while pregnant. For the more athletic among us, discussing your typical workout with your healthcare provider is recommended.

If you were a moderate to slacker type exerciser, it's still good to exercise while pregnant. You will want to start gradually and listen to your body's clues to slow down. One clue would be cramping, getting out of breath and having vaginal spotting.

If you are taking a nice walk at a pretty good clip and experience some cramps afterwards you may want to call your physician just to make sure all is well. Depending on what week of your pregnancy you are in, cramps with or without bleeding can be worrisome but certainly not ominous.

Early in pregnancy spotting can occur for no concerning reason. Later in pregnancy you may get some light spotting after sex, exercise or for no reason whatsoever it seems. Unless you keep having these episodes, or you have increasing cramps or the blood becomes bright red and heavy you will likely just need to rest and relax and it will resolve on its own. However, anytime you have any concerns you should check in at the doctor office to ease your mind.

After Baby

You've given birth and people are still asking when you're due. Your response? Hitting the gym. That's a great idea and definitely will help you shed those baby pounds. However, make sure you have the green light from your physician before starting any workouts. Too soon after birth and you are just not healed and recovered enough to put those extra stresses on your body.

You will have a heavy discharge after birth which will look much like a period in the beginning, and later become lighter and less red or pink with time. If you start exercising and becoming more physically active and your discharge goes back to being bright red after a time of lighter tinged mucus, it's your body tell you to slow down. So listen to your doctor and your body and gradually get back into your regular gym routine.

If you are nursing, you will eventually see a return of your period and exercising may help bring Aunt Flo back a bit sooner. Lots of women will stay period-free until weaning but others will get a monthly visit sooner and exercise may be a factor.

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Ariel Harrington Feb 21, 2013 04:03:02 AM ET

I had sex 8 days after my period went off, and I had unprotected sex and now I'm experiencing a milky white discharge, with light spotting, what does this mean!?!

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