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Chic Maternity Fashions for Spring 2013

Katlyn Joy | 8, February 2013


Gone are the days of hiding baby under giant bows or folds of fabric. Today's expectant mom wants to show off her ultra-feminine figure and wear clothing that suits her tastes and style while still comfortable through all three trimesters. Here are some must have's for the maternity wardrobe for spring:

1. Geometric patterns.
Think bold monochromatic stripes and color block patterns. While these styles for the non-pregnant are often used to diffuse figure flaws and hide bulky parts, preggos can do the opposite and play up their bump with bold stripes.

2. Soft florals.
What's more womanly than pregnancy and flowers? In maternity wear this can mean big all over pale pastel blooms or small patterns of blossoms. Go for a floral top with a more structured and plain bottom to avoid too much of a good garden thing.

3. Bright colored skinny jeans.
Why should only the skinny enjoy these crayon colored denims? Yours may have a nice stretchy tummy panel or scoop out to support your growing tummy from beneath.

4. Ruffles.
Another very girly touch that looks great in maternity fashion is the ruffle. You can opt for a blouse that is ruffled from top to bottom or choose a skirt that is adorned with a single ruffled pattern.

5. Black and white stripes.
This is a big hit for spring with dresses and tops featuring the bold contrast in patterns that may play up your baby bump with real style.

6. Neon shades.
Go with a bright bold neon skirt or blazer to dump the winter blahs. Pair with a simple striped top for a crisp classic look.

7. Peasant style tops.
This boho style seems especially right in maternity fashion. Opt for soft flowing cotton in pale neutrals or in muted patterns. These look especially nice with the boyfriend jean.

8. Boyfriend jean.
This year this favorite features a more slim leg line which expectant moms will love. Try different waistband options in maternity wear to find the one that fits and feels best to you.

9. Maxi dresses.
Yes, the maxi dress is still with us and maternity fashion finds it especially appealing, as seen worn by fashionistas such as Kourtney Kardashian. You may want to try one in an animal print, another trend for spring.

10. Animal prints.
Why not have some fun with your expectant mom wear and try a top or a dress in animal prints, like cheetah or zebra and bring out your own wild side.

11. Peplum tops or dresses.
Think this style won't work in pregnancy clothing? Think again. The perfect peplum silhouette works wonderfully with the belly bump.

12. Form fitting clothes. Tight tops and dresses that cling to your belly are all the rage this spring. Cougar Town's Busy Phillipps was seen donning such a dress recently and got raves for it. Show off your belly!

13. Accents like belted tops or bows.
Think modern and go with bows that embellish your bump or belts that rest on top of or under your tummy. They can take an outfit from yawn to super cute.

14. T-shirts with a message.
Have fun and be a smart-alecky mama with sayings like, "Not barefoot!" or "Knocked Up."

15. Contrasting texture.
Think silky with lace. Texture can update an old look with just a hint of difference.

16. Asymmetrical.
Think of one shoulder tops or patterns that are not symmetrical. It's a bold modern look that works in maternity fashion too.

17. Jackets.
Bomber jackets, blazers, ponchos and belted long sweaters all look great paired with skirts, jeans or dresses.

18. Maternity swimwear.
Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to skip the beach. You can wear any cut in maternity now, from the monokini, to the bikini to the tank. You don't have to try to hide or minimize your tummy. You are pregnant after all!

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