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Top 10 Phone Apps for Expecting & New Dads

Alison Wood |14, February 2013


Calling all new dads and dads-to be! Are you looking for some new apps to help you with this new adventure in your life? Baby corner is here to help. We searched and dug for best ones on the market. Check these out and prepare to become a professional dad!

1. Dad's Guide To Newborns
The majority of new dads and dads to be have not read a gigormously thick how-to-guide on parenting. Here's a funny, simplified and interactive video in the form of an app to help dads across the globe cope with this new season of life. It has eight condensed chapters and instructional videos. Dads can learn how to hold, swaddle, feed, bathe and even diaper a newborn baby. This is a must for all the new dads and dads-to-be.

2. WebMD Baby
This app is there to answer all your baby questions relating to your baby's health and wellness. This baby app will be an indispensable tool in the hands of novice and experienced dads alike. A bonus to this helpful app is it is personalized for a baby's specific age. Included in this app are 400 articles, 598 tips, 70 videos and five tools.

3. The Baby Shusher
A life-changing tool that parents can utilize to calm their fussy infants. New dads, in particular, are ultra-sensitive about a crying newborn. This app uses a rhythmic "Shushing" sound to calm a little one when he is in distress. Many parents claim it is more soothing than white noise or lullabies.The app also comes with timer options from 15 minutes to 8 hours of continuous shushing.

4. Parenting Ages & Stages
Parenting guides from infants to school-age children are offered on this app for busy dads. The app is customizable and dads can add their kid's photos, names, birthdays and more. Articles from the popular "Parenting" magazine are also included in this informative app.

5. Honey-Do
The new dad is always busy running errands for the growing family at home. Grocery list here, fix-it list there. This app will help dads stay organized as they try to remember all the tasks that need to be completed in their busy days. Dads can check the status of tasks, record them when completed and also assign tasks to others within a designated group.

6. Dragon Dictation
This is a user-friendly voice recognition app powered by the company Dragon. Faster than typing, this app quickly changes your voice into text or email messages. Want to become more involved in Social Networking? With this app, you can dictate updates directly to your Twitter or Facebook account so everyone can keep up with your new happenings with the baby. There are many languages available for this app as

7. Baby Monitor and Alarm
New dads may be worried about their new bambinos when they are in another room or away from home. This app will help calm your fears and anxieties. A phone alert is included on this app to call you on an assigned number if there is any noise in your little one's room. The monitor also records every noise in your baby's room so you can hear everything that happened while you were asleep or in in another area. This app also has many personalizing options to perfectly fit your family's needs.

8. Golf card GPS
New dads need some rest and relaxation during the transition to a baby-centered family. If you're an avid golder, this app is for you! This amazing app marks and traces a new course in under two hours. The range finder aids golfers up to 56 markers per hold. This fun app records every hit and swing strength as well. It also displays a map of hits on a map display. The app keeps up with strokes and putts for 1-8 people. It also includes advanced scoring for all your golfing needs. app.

9. Webers On The Grill
Numerous new dads get the privilege of preparing meals during the first two weeks of postpartum. Why not have some grilling fun? This app includes 280 original recipes and an additional 40 for marinades, rubs and savory sauces. Even more fun is that you can mark your favorites and make a master grocery list for all your favorite grilling recipes. Need some extra grilling tips? Over 100 are included in this helpful app.

10. Ihandy Carpenter
The new dad on the block is still the main handy-man around the house. Make your projects quicker and easier with this carpenter app. The main tools featured in this app are:

  • A plumb bob
  • A surface level
  • A bubble level bar
  • A steel protractor that measures angles from 0 to 180 degrees.
  • A steel ruler, supporting both inches and centimeters.
Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers. Visit her blog at

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