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Self Esteem Builders for Toddlers

Alison Wood |22, January 2013


Everyone needs encouragement every once in awhile, right? That means even the munchkins with the tiny, chubby feet pitter-pattering across your floor. Those little ones need self-esteem builders just as much as you!

During the early years of life, it is crucial for children to feel secure, loved and appreciated. This affection that they receive in their childhood will enable them to become more confident and stable in their future.

Below are some tips to help develop a healthy amount of self-esteem in your little ones..

Offer quality and quantity time.

Kids need both of these. Sit down and color a picture with your toddler. Lay down on the floor and play trains and cars with your rambunctious three-year-old son. Go outside and push him in the swing. Play ball with him outside. Have a tickle war that ends up in kisses and cuddles.

By offering your child quality and quantity you are communicating to them their importance in your life. You have set other things aside just to play with them!

"A family member of mine never spent quality or quantity time with her kids. She went to work early in the morning and picked the kids up in the evening. After dinner, she bathed them and put them to bed. If there was any free time, they were either baby-sat or watching movies non-stop. Those kids were starved for attention and love." recalls one mom.

Parents' everyday decisions and actions affect their children. Stop rushing through life and enjoy these precious, fleeting days. Your toddler needs you, and you need him!

Give small chores to accomplish.

A child of any age gets a thrill from knowing they are able to do something around the house. When they accomplish a specified task, that get the feeling of being needed as well as an,"I can do it!" attitude.

Let the toddlers put away their toys after playing. They can bring all the small wastebaskets to you to empty into the large trashcan. Toddlers can grab a diaper and wipes if a younger baby needs a diaper change. Let them help you pull the covers up when you make your bed. When you cook, let them wash the vegetables in the sink.

"When my husband and I go on a date, my two-year old son loves to open the door and close it for us. It is his special task and he is pretty upset if anyone else steps in and tries to take over!" laughs one mom.

Set up guidelines in the home.

Decide on some definite rules for your toddler. This will create an atmosphere that lets him know what is allowed and what is not acceptable. Choose rules for their level of development. Rules for a toddler could be:

  • Do not get out of the bed, except for an emergency, during bedtime and nap.
  • Do not take food or candy in bedrooms.
  • Do not throw trash on the floor.
  • No whining
  • No Screaming
  • Say "Please" and "Thank-you"

When your child is obeying these house rules, then he once again, will have a sense of accomplishment. He will also become more secure, as he knows how to please his parents and what is expected of him.

Correcting Toddler Behavior

Praise, praise and praise!

You can never praise your toddler too much! He will gain enough criticism from the outside world, so let him find praise at home. Remind your daughter that she is beautiful. Tell your son he is so smart. Thank him for bringing your shoes or handing your purse when they do some of those unexpected tasks. Never fail to acknowledge something they have created and desire to show-off! They are excited and desire praise from their parents.

Make eye contact.

When praising or correcting, get down on your toddler's eye level and speak one-on-one together. You are letting him know he is the focus of your thoughts and energy. When he asks for a drink, squat down and ask him if he want juice or milk. Take these special short conversations to interact with your child in order to build his self-esteem as well as his confidence in your unbiased love.

If you are offering your tiny tot lots of love, time, praise and encouragement, you are well on your way to boosting your toddler's self-esteem. Keep taking time to let him know he matters, he's unique and he's special.

Soon those chubby feet will be kicking soccer and footballs at their middle-school games. The love you impart to them now will help your parent-child relationship in the future as they begin to become more independent. Prepare your kids for a more secure future as you build their self-esteem today.

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers.

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