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Create a Functional, Yet Stylish, Nursery

Alison Wood |10, March 2013


The majority of a new mother's time is spent in the baby's nursery. Changing diapers, dressing the baby, rocking the little one and even activity time are often times spent in the nursery. With this in mind, many mommies-to-be want their baby nurseries to be stylish and at the same time functional. How can she provide both without breaking the bank? Here are some creative ideas to give you a head start on creating the perfect nursery for you and your little one.

Choose something stylish, yet timeless.
If you are desiring to have more children in the future, keep the nursery in s style that will be fresh and up-to-date for the next several years. Also try to go with a neutral fell, as you may end up with a mix of boys and girls. Nursery expenses can spike if you have to change out to a boy or girl theme every couple of years. Look for stripes, earthy colors and patterns that are visually appealing for years to come.

Add a personal touch.
Make your nursery speak volumes about your family. Include heirlooms and keepsakes in the room as thoughtful decor.

"On a play-date, my friend invited me in to her kid's room that also was the nursery in the past. Her husband and her had created and painted one wall in their room with several designs and colors. It was detailed and thoughtful. Her husband and her nicknamed the wall, "The Wall of Love." Her kids also referred to the wall with the term of endearment. A framed picture with a sweet note to the kids was hung on the wall for her children to remember the thought and time the parents put into tht project. It made the room feel like love was in the air!" recalls one mom.

Personalized piggy banks, Bibles, blankets and memory books always add a caring touch to the baby's abode.

Invest in a quality crib.
Naps, bedtimes and even diaper changes take place in cribs. Don't skimp on this piece of furniture for the nursery. Consider a grow-with-me crib that transforms to a toddler bed to get the best deal for your dollar! Also, make sure it has great safety features and is up-to-date on safety standards. Pick out a quality, firm mattress and top-notch sheets to secure great rest for your little one. So many hours of a newborn's life are spent sleeping and growing, make it a comfy sleep!

Make it convenient.
Stock the changing table with baby wipes, diaper rash cream, cotton balls and extra changes of clothes to make the clean-ups quicker. Place a trash can or diaper genie directly beside the changing table. Keep a laundry basket close buy to toss soiled clothing.

Cover the windows.
Window treatments are a nice touch to add coziness, class and comfort to your little one's room. Bursts of color can be added to your decor scheme through drapes and toppers. Curtains can also keep out the light when your baby is napping.

Prepare comfort for you too!
Choose a comfortable rocking chair that will fit right in with the room's decor. Make sure it is durable and has lots of comfy padding. Many hours will be spent rocking your little one, and then reading to him as he grows older.

Don't settle.
Just because someone else found a great deal for your nursery decor scheme, don't go with it unless it is something you absolutely love! You and your bambino will enjoy many years in this room, so make it pleasant and perfect for your taste -- not someone else's.

Grab a rug.
Rugs can add spice and color to a room and add softness to a hard or lightly carpeted floor. Animal shapes, bold, bright colors and fun textures are widely available. Pick one to add a splash of style to your decor. Try to avoid long, shaggy rugs as little ones can pull out the threads and small, sharp objects can be hidden easily on the rugs.

Try a mural.
Wall decals and murals are offered in almost every style imaginable for a kid's room or nursery. Try one to cover an empty wall.

Paint it!
A fresh coat of paint in a modern color can make a boring room come alive! Create textures for a more personal touch.

Enjoy your time preparing the nursery and remember to create it to be fun and functional!

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers.

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