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5 Spring Crafts To Make With Your Toddler

Katlyn Joy |11, April 2013


As the weather thaws you can enjoy these simple crafts using items you can recycle from home, or from your backyard. Just remember that especially for children in this age group, the joy is in the process and not so much the finished product. So have fun and don't worry about creating perfect masterpieces.

Paper Plate Sunflowers

For this project you need a paper plate, sunflower seeds, markers and glue.

Let your toddler color the outer sections of a paper plate with a yellow marker. You can draw on petals with a black marker, letting your child hold your hand to "assist" you. Next apply glue in the center of the paper plate and then direct your child to stick on the sunflower seeds. After hanging the sunflower on the frig or wall, enjoy a snack ofعou guessed it, sunflower seeds.

Twig Vase and Bouquet

For this project you need a paper sack, twigs, a soup or other type of can or container, glue, tape, tissue paper or construction paper and ribbon. Optional: green paint.

Take along a paper sack and collect a generous collection of small twigs, the straighter the better. You'll need both shorter and longer sections of twigs. If your child spots a violet or dandelion, or even a small smooth stone, allow those to be collected as well.

After returning from your walk, get a small can or container with any sharp edges bent down or covered with electrical tape. Dab glue in sections to the outside of the can or container and stick on the collected twigs going in a vertical direction. After covering the entire outside you can secure and adorn the "vase" with raffia or other ribbon you have on hand.

Now you can begin work on your special bouquet. Twist tissue paper into pretty blossoms, or cut out construction paper flowers. Tape the flowers to the ends of long sticks. You can add green leaves or even prepare the longer sticks by painting them green ahead of time. Arrange your bouquet and place in your vase.

Rain Paintings

For this project you need paper, and food coloring. If you don't have food coloring you can use markers as well. You will also need rainy weather.

On a rainy day, take advantage of the weather and gather some watercolor paper, or whatever paper you have at home. Tell your little one that you are going to paint with the rain's help. Cut out some flower shapes and sprinkle with food coloring. Then take your flowers outside and let raindrops mix and splatter the colors together creating a unique floral design.

Kite Windchime

For this project you need a large piece of cardboard which can be cut from a cereal or other type of box, construction paper, aluminum foil, tape or glue fishing line, glue, tissue paper, a package of bells purchased from a craft store and a string.

Cut out a diamond shape from the cardboard for your kite shape. Make a small hole at the top to tie a section of fishing line to, as this is how you will hang your child's kite/windchime.

Cover the kite shape with aluminum foil and tape or glue it down. Take tissue paper shapes and glue onto the aluminum foil in whatever pattern and colors pleases your child. You can use a chunky paintbrush and thin the glue slightly with water to make this easier for your toddler's hands.

Adhere the string to the kite with tape or glue. Make little bows from construction paper and tie a bell to each. Then tape the bows and bells to the kite string. Hang your kite from the ceiling, by a window or wherever you choose.

Pressed Flower Bookmark

For this project you need small wildflowers such as violets, a strip of cardboard, glue, crayons, a hole punch and ribbon or string.

Find some violets or other small wildflowers on a nature walk with your toddler. Take the blossoms home to create a one-of-a-kind bookmark. Cut a strip of cardboard from a box you have recycled. Let your child color the bookmark in pretty spring shades. Next take glue thinned slightly with water and a paintbrush and glue the small flowers onto the bookmark. Allow to dry then cover with clear contact paper. With a hole punch, make one small hole at the top of your bookmark. Tie a ribbon or colorful string and thread it through the hole.

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littlekingdom Aug 21, 2013 04:23:51 PM ET

Great crafts Katlyn. Pictures would have been nice. Kids at our school enjoy craft and they have been doing some great stuff. We will be doing the wind chime soon. Thank you for sharing this.

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